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Insynct Media releases second episode of The Hotspot Cypher

Bataung Moeketsi

VISUAL creative hub, Insynct Media, yesterday released the second episode of The Hotspot Cypher, a film meant to promote upcoming hip hop artistes.

The first episode was released on 19 May 2019 and was shot in Temong, Maseru and included rappers; Lu Srenk, Dave’Stone, Number 35 and Zoo MSU.

Insynct Media’s in-house producer, Hlompho Ramatša aka Rence Tracks, produced the first episode’s instrumental.

One producer (or more) come up with an instrumental over which an array of artistes rap. The recordings are done at Insycnt Media’s studio before a video is then shot by the company.

Insynct Media co-founder and audio-visual editor, Tšeliso Thamae aka Matsill told the Xpress People on Friday that the platform was also an advertising innovation.

He added that it was the company’s way of attempting to take the country’s hip hop scene to dizzy heights by instilling a sense of collaboration among the artistes while also highlighting newer faces.

“We selected the first group of artistes meticulously to represent the new comers as they form a part of an industry which is hardly recognised,” Matsill said.

“It has become customary to see the same artistes on show line-ups and we decided to change that. We wanted to create a platform that would become a pipeline feeding new talent into the industry by working with new people who are trying to make their way in.”

Matsill said that he, along with Insynct Media co-founder-graphics designer, illustrator and animator, Molupe Motšoehli aka Doops-had been fans of some local artistes whom they aspired to work with at a later stage.

In 2018 Matsill obtained his Broadcasting in Television and Radio degree at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology while Doops obtained a Construction Management diploma from Lerotholi Polytechnic in the same year.

While in their studies, the two began learning various skills which they would later use to bring their vision of playing a positive role in building Lesotho hip hop to fruition.

“Artistes often have egos but as a third party, Insynct Media looks to bring them together as we have created affiliations over the years which allow us to use our platform as a basis for collaboration.

“People in the hip-hop industry are known to work in silos and we want to prove that when you work together with others you can achieve a greater purpose,” Matsill said.

Matsill admitted that another reason behind the inception of The Hotspot Cypher was that he too would often be “side-lined” in terms of placement opportunities and performance slots at shows.

For his part, Doops said that their company does everything related to visuals including photoshoots, events coverage, music videos, design work, motion graphics and more.

Insynct Media was founded on 25 July 2018 and both Matsill and Doop are working on registering the company.

Apart from Matsill, Doops and Rence Tracks, the Insynct Media team comprises of photographer and videographer Neo Shasha, director Khothatso Sebophe and videographer and editor, Motšepeli Masiloane aka Yung Zealot.

The second episode of The Hotspot Cypher, which first aired yesterday, was shot at the Lesotho Agricultural College basketball court and features rappers LetshohlaJr, Lemeke oa Mochini, Nerrd, Piigh and Queen Mo.

Taks Beats, Yung38 and Black Steel produced the cypher’s beat and Marcx Brass played saxophone over production.

Insynct media is currently working on numerous projects including music videos for various artistes and the third instalment of The Hotspot Cypher which, unlike the previous two, has sponsorship from local clothing brands.

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