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Impossible should actually be I’m possible

WHEN the night is young and still patient, dreams await. Waiting to be conjured and released.
With each snore one makes in the night, dreams lie undiscovered. No one, except you knows of their existence. No one can set them free but you. No one understands their cry but you.

How long will the goodness in you lie untapped? How long will you walk without letting the world know about the treasures in your heart? Unless you say something, we cannot know about them. Unless you breathe a word, no one knows they are alive. Unless you awake them, forever dormant they remain.
The world will not know how great you are if you do not let it. They will remember you as the dreamless one who slept and did nothing.

They will write “rest in peace” on your tombstone and forget you within a day.
Wouldn’t you want them to write “gone but shall forever be remembered”?

Some tombstones have been inscribed with the words; “best husband, great dad, wonderful son and world’s best friend”.
Don’t you want to leave such a legacy behind? Otherwise the people in your life will slowly erase you from their minds, because you were lazy and did not open up your world.

You did not make the effort to attain your dreams because you said they were impossible.
Dear friend, impossible is still possible; wake up and reach for that star that is your dream. It isn’t far if you dare and it isn’t too shiny to look at.

Do not go another moment living someone else’s dream. Follow your heart before you go in the way of your forefathers. Let us make a new foot path, today. Reach for your dreams. They are just as possible as breathing. How many times a day do you breathe? Let that be the number of times you succeed. Success, here in your dreams has a definition and formula;
S; dreams*reality=happiness

One thing the world hates the most is giving truisms formulas and sound definitions.
One subject I avoid like the plague is mathematics, yet somehow from it I have drawn formulas pertaining to the issues of life.
Definitions result in formulas.
I may have feared mathematics from the first grade, but I will not fear life.
In a way, life’s precious gifts have formulas, as much as we try to ignore that fact.
It wasn’t until I drew my own formulas that I allowed my own dreams the freedom to be realised. Those I kept remained within me.
I kept lying to myself saying I was succeeding, yet my dreams and reality were not in tandem and this did not give me happiness. Thus, the formula was incorrect.

Success is the outcome of the correlation between reality and dreams. My dreams were far from becoming reality.
They just went in different directions. In-fact, no one even knew my dreams existed. They just lay motionless in me.
Sometimes the definitions become obsolete, but do not fade away. When life gets so messed up, we may feel like our dreams and reality do not result in happiness.

Life is interesting because of its ups and downs. A little while you may feel down, perhaps even doubtful you will ever see any good in your life, but other times, life gives you joy and the bad times are erased by the positive developments.
Wouldn’t it be nice to just bite into this apple of success my dear friend?
It would be like coming home after a long vocation.
We all need this taste. Let us all make our dreams come alive.

We all have different dreams, but the reality is one. That is why some will be glad when you succeed and others will envy you.
The destinations are different, but the road is the same. Life is the road and although each and everyone of us is a driver of their own vehicle in this sometimes bumpy and smooth road, we keep crashing into each other because of the pot holes and it is up to each one of us to keep to the smooth side, make a little turn to the bumpy side in order to allow others a chance to see the smooth side, and to make it to all the stops that offer relief.
We all want the best stops. At every filling station you come across on your way to a holiday you want cold drinks and perhaps a walk.

What we often do wrong is taking the longest stops. Temporary luxury results in permanent suffering.
I wish we knew when to proceed. Usually this is when life is at its hardest.
Keep moving anyway and you shall reach your destination to claim that soothing prize; Success!
Once you feel it, and grab it tight in your arms, you shall realise that the best things in life can be found in your mind and await you to release them.

Everything which has a definition can be replicated because all that is within the human mind can be shared.
Perhaps your dreams are those that will help the world find a solution to a pressing problem. Unless you let your voice be heard, we will never know if your mind has the formula to cure some incurable disease. Now is the best time. I suppose you have been waiting for me to tell you and I believe I just have.
Perhaps you could do me the honour of achieving all that was said to be impossible because the word has been rendered null and void.

Maybe it is time you and I erased the word impossible from the dictionary. I bet it was put there by mistake. Maybe this is what is really means;

Impossible…actually was meant to be I’m Possible.
So a simple error brought the words too close and formed this barrier word. Today you and I will correct it and give it a whole new meaning.
You are possible!


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