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I will transform Likuena: Senong

Moorosi Tsiane

NEWLY appointed Likuena coach Thabo Senong says his impact will transform the senior national soccer team.

Senong said this in a recent interview with the Sunday Express after his appointment to the top Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) job last week.

He said he felt compelled to take the senior national soccer team coaching job because of LeFA’s apparent desire to engage him.

Senong’s first assignment came yesterday against Ethiopia in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

He told the Sunday Express that while he cannot claim to have all the solutions for the country’s football problems, he believes in its potential.

“I do not have all the solutions but working with experienced mentors like Leslie Notši, I see an opportunity for my own growth,” Senong said.

“My contribution here is going to transform Likuena, change the mentality of how we approach the game.”

The gaffer believes LeFA approached him because they needed different opinions and ideas in trying to improve local football.

“Likuena has exported a lot of players to South African Leagues. Bantu had a good campaign in the CAF Champions’ League two seasons ago and this means there is lot of potential in the country. The country just needs fresh ideas from other countries to succeed.”

The South African whose last assignment in his home country was as the country’s under-20 coach, said his decision had nothing to do with money.

“I started coaching way back from when I was only 20 years and now, I am 38 and my entire career has never been about money,” Senong said.

“I am driven by passion and I love working in conducive environments. I am one coach who wants to feel loved and all LeFA was looking for was a passionate coach to help their team improve, to improve local football. I came here because I felt that I was needed.

“I see Lesotho football as a crying baby that is saying we have the talent please help us, we have the potential help us to qualify for continental tournaments,” Senong said.


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