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I wasn’t fired, says Ultimate FM DJ

MASERU — Ultimate FM DJ Bokang Ntene says he was not fired but is on indefinite suspension.

The Sunday Express reported last week that Ntene, popularly known as Sbongana, had been fired for partying while on duty.

Sources at the youth station said Ntene had left a CD playing during his session while he went partying.

They said the CD had started skipping midway and gave him away.

They said angry managers at the station immediately fired him.

But Ntene says he still considers himself an employee of Ultimatum FM.

“I was not fired. I still consider myself an employee,” Ntene says.

The DJ who sports a goatee beard and a bald head said the manager at the station had told him that he was giving his show to someone else until they sorted his matter.

He said it was not him who left a scratched CD playing on the station as the sources alleged.

“I never even got to work on that particular night they were talking about.

“I called the DJ on air to say I couldn’t make it. He couldn’t pick my calls — and it’s understandable for someone on air — until I reached an area where I had no signal.

“Maybe during that time he tried to call back but I had no signal. I was coming from a funeral.

“The first thing I did when I reported for duty the following Monday was to go to the manager’s office (Philip Neko) and tell him my story. He understood.

“So I can say I was put on a kind of indefinite leave until I talked to Ntate Manyokole. I never got a chance to talk to him as he was always busy or out of the country on business.

“The person who left a scratched CD was probably the DJ who was there before my slot.

“I was concerned about claims that I use inappropriate language on air and going to the studio drunk. I resent that. I last touched alcohol eight months ago.

“Yet I have people now asking me if I’m the partying DJ who got fired? After the issue came out I started getting calls with people saying I’m jobless. I got a new job with a computer company.

“I was part-time at Ultimate FM. In fact, almost everyone for the past three years has been except three DJs.

“I’m still working for Ultimate FM until I’m told otherwise.

“If I’m to be part of those leaving the station because of restructuring, that will be bad. I love radio. Radio made me.”

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