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I suffered black-out, shot wife: ex-soldier

Sello Morake

MASERU — A former soldier who shot and killed his estranged wife in 2007 stunned the High Court on Wednesday when he claimed he did not know what happened because he had suffered a black-out during the incident.
Kebitsamang Faletene, 55, allegedly killed his wife in cold blood in March 2007 at Pitso Ground in Maseru.
The wife’s name was not disclosed in court.
The couple were on separation.
Faletene said on the fateful day he met his wife at a local bus stop and frantically begged her to come back home.
He said he however exploded with rage after his wife slapped him on the face.
“She slapped me on the face. I took out a gun and pointed at her. I do not know what happened afterwards,” Faletene told the court.
“It was only after I was in Teyateyaneng (about 35km away) when I received a call from my brother telling me what had happened,” he said.
“I then realised that I had shot my wife.”
Faletene said he however could not clearly recall what had happened on the day as he had suffered a complete mental black-out.
“At the time of the incident I did not know what was happening as I was not stable in my mind,” he said.
Faletene’s testimony was rambling and sometimes incoherent.
Acting High Court Judge Kananelo Mosito, who was hearing the case, warned Faletene not to waste the court’s time.
Justice Mosito also warned Faletene to answer questions put before him by crown counsel Advocate Mots´ei Tlali.
“I warn you for the last time. You are being asked a question and you answer what you like,” Justice Mosito said.
“Please answer the questions. You are wasting our time.”
After a brief apology, Faletene said he had no intention of killing his wife.
“I killed her the way I killed her and I did not choose the place to kill her,” he said.
“I cannot say it was merciless or merciful because I couldn’t assess it.
“I had no intention of doing that.
“I was a soldier when I killed her; I was trained in using arms and guns.
“I know that they are lethal but I was not trained that guns should be used as a last resort.
“At the time of the incident I did not know what was happening as I was not stable in my mind.”
Faletene is being represented by Advocate Borotho Matsoso.
The case continues.

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