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Hymphatic Thabs fails to pitch up

Mamohlakola Letuka

THE highly anticipated DIRT Mouth battle was cancelled at the last minute after Hymphatic Thabs failed to show up on Thursday.

It was supposed to be the Battle of Titans featuring Hymphatic Thabs and Skebza-D, marked down as ‘movie night’ in the Sotho-Hop calendar and scheduled to take place at the Cuban Linx.

In an interview with Dirt Mouth organiser, Sehlabaka Rampeta, the battle was cancelled after Hymphatic Thabs failed to show up.

He said they had failed to communicate with him a week prior to the event but kept trying until they went to his home in Qoaling, where they learned he had not yet returned from Johannesburg.

“The battle was cancelled after Hymphatic Thabs proved to be unreachable,” Rampeta said.

He added that the unreliable rapper had approached Dirt Mouth and requested to battle, and they had been in touch through social media because he did not have a phone.

“We had been communicating through social media for most of the time but after telling him of the interview request by Xpress People (this paper), he disappeared on us,” Rampeta said.

He explained they tried endless times to communicate with the star to no avail. “It was such a huge blow for us especially now when there are many controversial issues pertaining the show.”

He partly blamed the organising team, saying they had been lenient towards issues of signing contracts with rappers before being on stage.

“We have had this kind of problem before, hence we had drafted contracts for partakers to sign before the battle, but the problem is that we never enforced them.”

Rampeta said they are planning to change the selection criteria and have opponents being voted for by the public.

According to Versus Lesotho Facebook posts the two acts had seen the golden era and were among the founders and legends in the Sotho rap industry.

“They have experience in performing in other rap leagues outside Dirt Mouth and are recognized in the Southern African realm of battle rap. It’s a movie,” read the posts.

Dirt Mouth battle is a production of Versus with the objective to have winners compete at international level.

It also encourages rappers to gauge their skills against other contenders in order to grow.

This show had spawn from the need to have a different scene in the night life.

The initiative is spearheaded by Sekila Molapo, Naleli Da Starr Lesala, Khotso Anonymous Monoko & Sehlabaka Rampeta.

Currently, there are no laid down rules with regards to selecting rappers, and the platform is open for artistes that have been active in the industry and those who have not created their names in the media and are well known underground.

Battle rap is basically two rappers going at it head to head, bragging about what they do and insulting their opponent while rapping.

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