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Husband slits wife’s throat

’Matšei Moloi

TEYA-TEYANENG — Had Mamosita Pulula known that a cruel death awaited her she would not have travelled back home last Friday. 
But because she could not foretell what awaited her, Mamosita took leave from her job as a domestic worker in Johannesburg, South Africa, to come and visit her husband and children in Teya-teyaneng.
Only hours after arriving at her Kolonyama home in Leribe ’Mamosita was battling for her life at Teya-teyaneng hospital.
Blood was oozing from her throat after allegedly being cut by her husband Takane Pulula, 31.
The 24-year-old mother of two died from the wounds.
Pulula, who is now in police custody awaiting trial for murder had cut her throat and stabbed her twice with a knife, according to the police.
Police said the couple had a heated argument over ’Mamosita’s continued stay and work in Johannesburg.
It is alleged that Pulula wanted his wife to quit her job and return home to the family.
And when she refused he was angered.
The incident that has left the normally quiet town of Teya-teyaneng shocked, happened a few blocks away from the main police station where the couple had just visited to ask for their intervention in their fight.
Mamosito’s mother ’Malikeleli Mofubetsoana had the misfortune of watching the horror of her daughter’s last moments.
She said she is still in shock and “still cannot believe that Pulula could do something like that”.
Mofubetsoana said he watched as her screaming daughter fell on her knees with both hands clutched on her bleeding throat.
She fainted at the sight of her dying daughter. She said about an hour before the incident, when the couple had visited her at the market where she sells vegetables, Pulula “was angry”.
Mofubetsoana said Pulula was demanding that Mamosita quits her work in South Africa.
They came to me to help them resolve the dispute, she said.
“They came to me at the market saying they wanted me to intervene on the matter. Pulula was insisting that he did not want Mamosita to go back to South Africa.”
“I told them that we could not talk about such matters at work. I told them that we would solve the issue when I got home.”
She said Pulula told her that he wanted to tell the police that he no longer wanted his wife to work in South Africa. She said the couple had “many quarrels since they married in 2003”.
“It was not a happy family. They fought over minor issues time and again,” Mofubetsoana said as she lay on a mattress surrounded by relatives who had come to console her.
Mofubetsoana said at no time did she think that the couple’s fights would end with the death of her daughter.
After collapsing, Mofubetsoana was rushed to the hospital and when she woke up the nurses told her the news of her daughter’s death.
“This is really painful, it hurts me. I cannot believe that my daughter is gone,” Mofubetsoana said, tears running down her face.
She said Mamosita had refused to quit her work because she was the only breadwinner for the family since Pulula was not working.
“Pulula once worked at LETA Security Company for a year and was now unemployed,” she said.
“’Mamosita was the only one working for the family and she saw no reason to leave her job because she was the only one who was providing for the family.”
Senior Superintendent Lerata Fobo confirmed the incident.
He said the police had told the couple that they should get the matter sorted out between their two families. 
“He stabbed her three times and she died in hospital the same day,” he said.
Fobo said after being arrested Pulula had told the police that he killed his wife because she was having a love affair with his father who works in the mines in South Africa. 
“He said ’Mamosita also took M7 000 from home to South Africa and never brought it back,” Fobo said.
The two families are going to have a meeting today to discuss the burial arrangements.

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