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Huge uptake to measles campaign


Limpho Sello

THERE has been an overwhelming public response to the recently launched Measles and Rubella (MR) vaccination programme for children aged 0 to 14 years.

Government, through the Ministry of Health, launched the programme last Monday and urged all stakeholders from parents, teachers, caregivers and area chiefs to participate to ensure the country wins the fight against the diseases. During the campaign, children will be vaccinated, given polio drops, De-Worming tablets and Vitamin A drops.

Health Minister Molotsi Monyamane launched the vaccination campaign in Mohale’s Hoek.

Sunday Express recently witnessed the vaccination process in Teyateyaneng and areas of Mapoteng amid indications of high public turnout as parents, guardians and children gathered at selected areas to get their children vaccinated against MR and other diseases.

A teacher from Ha-Ratsiu Pre-School, only identified as Ms Mafatlane, even closed the school for the day to take her 27 learners for vaccination at Berea Government Hospital on Tuesday.

“I’m here today with these children to be vaccinated. I brought them here, both those who have booklets and those that don’t have them because I was told all of them will be vaccinated,” Ms Mafatlane said, adding she had the permission from parents and guardians “to take their children for vaccination”.

“It’s not nice to see children becoming sick. Children need to be fit and healthy at all times and as their parent at school I needed to take responsibility in insuring that they are here today to be vaccinated.

“Measles is an infectious disease therefore we have to take charge when preventive measures such as vaccinations are provided to our children. We don’t need to waste anytime we have to take children for these vaccinations because they are important,” Ms Mafatlane said.

One parent from Majaheng in Mapoteng, Mantiti Ramajaleng said it was parents’ responsibility to ensure their children were vaccinated to prevent diseases.

Maluti Hospital Primary Health Care (PHC) Coordinator, Thabang Maseru said nationwide vaccination campaigns were vital as they also catered for those who had skipped clinics.

“Parents now realise that when there are campaigns and they do not to take their children to be vaccinated then they are high chances that they can cause an outbreak of such an illness in the village,” Ms Maseru said.

“It’s very important that children are vaccinated for measles and Rubella because they are highly contagious. That is why if a child suffers from measles they are advised to stay home so that they do not infect other children at school,” she added.

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