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How should a pastor’s wife dress?


PREACHERS’ wives are held to a high standard and expected to dress, walk and talk a certain way but what if that isn’t who she is?
For many men of the cloth, preaching is a calling that comes at a very young age which means that they have enough time to adjust to the situation and prepare themselves for the task ahead.
If one marries a preacher are they then expected to accept whatever the church dictates?
Hollywood actress, Meagan Good is a perfect example of this situation.

Known for starring in movies such as Waist Deep, Stomp the Yard and Think Like a Man; her sexy pictures were posted in the bedrooms of many teenage boys in the early 2000s.
Good got married to DeVon Franklin, an executive for Columbia Pictures and a Seventh-day Adventist preacher in 2012 after dating for about a year.

Following their marriage, calls came from all over the Christian world demanding that she “dress more appropriately” and cover up more now that she was married to a preacher.

The critics went mad on social media following her appearance at the BET Awards red carpet where she wore a purple dress with a plunging neckline.
“I was shocked that people cared so much. I guess it’s because I’m married to a minister,” Good said.
“Some people feel like I should wear a turtleneck or something but that’s not who I am. If that’s not what God tells me to do then I’m not going to do that to make other people comfortable.”

“My relationship with God is tight, and I don’t think God is concerned about those kind of things, and if He ever was to say, ‘Don’t dress like that,’ I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t feel that in my spirit, so I don’t feel convicted about it,” she was quoted saying.
Christian website christianbiblereference.org states that although one cannot be expected to according to what is laid out in the bible, dressing appropriately is still important.
“The Bible’s rules about dress cannot be applied directly to today’s situation. Attending church in biblical-era clothing, a cloak, tunic, sandals and a turban or veil, would cause quite a disruption in most churches.

But the general principles of modesty and propriety can be applied.
A general lesson from the New Testament is that we should dress for public worship in a way that is generally considered appropriate. Standards of dress are different from church to church and change over time, but we should avoid any style of dress that is offensive or sends a message opposing the church community’s values.”
— Sowetan

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