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Hotstix in concert with friends

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — South African musician Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse will perform at the Manthabiseng Convention Centre on August 27.

The jazz star is expected to perform alongside his friends from the jazz fraternity from both Lesotho and South Africa.

The organiser of the show, ‘Moleli Montoeli, told Xpress People that Hotstix will help raise the bar for indoor jazz concerts in the country.

“The show is an initiative to promote and popularise indoor live concerts in the country,” he said.

Montoeli said he had been trying to establish a culture of live indoor concerts in the past but they were not consistent.

He said he was now working with local jazz artists to make such shows a regular on the entertainment calendar

“This show is more than just a promoter creating a platform for artistes. It is a partnership between the two parties in building the momentum of the jazz genre,” he added.

Montoeli said Hotstix in this essence is not booked but a partner to the show.

“Hotstix is one artiste who understands the perspective of artiste-promoter partnership hence he is taking part in the live concert.”

Montoeli said Hotstix would be performing alongside other jazz artistes from Lesotho and South Africa “who cannot be disclosed as they are meant to be surprises.”

The show had been planned for winter but had to be moved to August due to some technical problems.

“We had planned it for winter as an indoor event but we had to postponed it. However in future we are looking at staging it during the winter season,” Montoeli said.

He added, “August is still fine because this is when the entertainment calendar starts to come alive with a series of events, weather permitting.”

Montoeli also told Xpress People Hotstix will not only tantalise jazz lovers with his music but he would also be scouting for talent for a lesiba musical instrument player.

“One of his band members who used to play lesiba died so he is also coming to scout for a potential band member,” he said.

“He will be searching for talent at all levels, especially the grassroots where the nature of lesiba would be a hobby for the player.”

Lesiba is the national instrument of the Basotho.

It is a stringed-wind instrument, with a quill attached to a long string acting as the main source of vibration.

The quill is blown across, creating vibration in the string, usually in short notes on a small, limited scale.

Montoeli said lesiba adds a different taste to Hotstix’s music. “Take for instance his song Thaba-Bosiu, which needed lesiba to sound perfect.”

The promoter said, “Hotstix is one muso who is always willing to return to Lesotho because he regards the country as his second home.

“During apartheid in South Africa he used to tour Lesotho and promote his music.”

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