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Holly Mass for Tšooana

Compol Khothatso Tšooana (fourth from right) and LMPS deputy commissioners hold hands during the prayer service.
Compol Khothatso Tšooana (fourth from right) and LMPS deputy commissioners hold
hands during the prayer service.

Prayer service meant to thank God for protecting Police Commissioner Tšooana following January’s bomb attack.

‘Mantoetse Maama

THE Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) held a prayer service on Thursday last week to “thank the Lord” for saving the life of Commissioner Khothatso Tšooana.
The Holy Mass took place at the Police Training College in Maseru and was attended by scores of LMPS members, among them Commissioner (Compol) Tšooana, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Masupha Masupha, and DCP Bohang-Lintle Phasumane.

The service, which was organised by the Women Police Network (WPN), saw speakers thanking God for saving Compol Tšooana’s life when unknown assailants bombed his Ha Abia home on the night of 27 January this year.
According to the chairwoman of the WPN, Inspector ‘Matšepang Rankone, in addition to thanking God for protecting Compol Tšooana, the Holy Mass also sought to seek “divine intervention” for the protection of the entire nation in light of the political uncertainty currently prevailing in the country.

Lesotho’s three parties in government — the All Basotho Convention led by Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, Lesotho Congress for Democracy and Basotho National Party — are currently engaged in talks aimed at resolving their differences.

The LCD, led by Deputy Prime Minister Mothetjoa Metsing, has accused Dr Thabane of not consulting his fellow principals when making key government decisions, resulting in his announcement two weeks ago, that his party was pulling out of the coalition.

The announcement sparked fears of unrest, prompting the Southern African Development Community to send a delegation to Maseru to assess the situation and facilitate reconciliation talks.
The three party leaders, including BNP leader Thesele ‘Maseribane, are now holding the peace-talks, but the country’s political situation remains uncertain as the nation anxiously awaits the outcome of the dialogue.
Inspector Rankone said: “We, as members of WPN, decided to organise a Holy Mass for Compol Tšooana to thank God for saving his life when his home was attacked in January this year.
“We have also been driven by the current situation in our country and the daily challenges we are facing as a nation and the police. There is no stability in our country; we need God to protect Lesotho and Basotho.”

Inspector Rankone further noted the “progress” that has taken place in the LMPS since Tšooana was appointed Commissioner of Police early this year.
“We have seen progress in the LMPS since he became Compol, hence this show of support for him through this Holy Mass.
“Since we cannot protect the Compol, we are asking God to do so. Due to the nature of our work, we have enemies out there that we don’t know and only God can protect us against such evil.
“All we are asking for today is peace and stability in our country since we, as human beings, don’t have the power to guarantee it, but God does.”
Reverend Isaac Ramosoeu of the Roman Catholic, who conducted the Mass, said the police and the clergy serve the same purpose.
“A police officer’s duty is the same as that of a priest,” Reverend Ramosoeu said.
“It is the reason why Jesus Christ was not praised all the time because in most cases, the truth hurts, and Jesus only stood for the truth.
“That is why you will have to face challenges the way Jesus Christ did. Jesus was, at most times, seen with sinners and he would dine with them as he came to save them from their sins.
“ For that reason, he was mistreated as those did not understand his duties. Most people in authority did not like Jesus for the good that he was doing.”
The reverend further said the attack on Compol Tšooana should be cause for concern because “you never know who could be next”.
“We only live and survive through the grace of God,” he said.
In his address, DCP Masupha thanked the LMPS WPN for organising the prayer service.
“Women are considered people who can save the world and with this service, you have shown your strength and devotion. We should always pray.
“I remember very well that I had only been DCP for two days when the Compol was attacked. When he called to inform me about the incident, I could feel it that I could be next since I had just been appointed to this office, while he had been Compol for a week.
“When I met him after the attack, he asked me to pray hard in order to conquer all this. In my mind, I was planning on how I could protect myself against this but he asked me to pray through all these challenges as only God, our Lord, can protect us,” DCP Masupha said.
He added: “For the five months that Compol has been in the office, I have seen the LMPS being saved and making progress. We have been working very hard in order to accomplish the best for members of the LMPS; among other issues we have worked on is the police structure.
“The Compol has a vision that businesses should remain open until very late for the betterment of Lesotho, Basotho and investors.
“But we can only achieve this with good service, and people who are hurting cannot provide quality services.”
On his part, Commissioner Tšooana said the the LMPS had gone through a lot.

“This journey is not an easy one; it takes a traveller to do that, not a wanderer,” Compol Tšooana said.
“A traveller always travels with a destination and purpose. They follow their own agenda, their own chosen destination, their own goal. We need to trust God in order to achieve our goals. We should submit ourselves unto the Lord and he will save us.
“We worked on the police structure day and night and we have been leaving the office very late.
“It has not been an easy task, but through prayer, we managed to succeed and the structure was approved. However, since the Lord has shown us his mercy by giving us what we needed, we should also give back to the needy.
“I survived an attack that was meant to take my life a few months ago. We were eight in the house during that attack; it was around 2am but some people claim I was not in the house that night, yet I was there. I had only been in office for a week.
“On Tuesday this week, we were (with DCP Masupha) denied entry into State House by members of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) guarding the premises.
“They told me that their commander had ordered them not to let me drive onto the premises.
“We should forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing. No one can shoot me because God has protected me against the bombs which hit my home when I was asleep. With that, I have seen the grace of God with my own eyes,” Commissioner Tšooana said.

On her part, DCP Phasumane said when the WPN chairwoman came to her office requesting a Holy Mass for the Compol, she doubted it could be possible due to his tight schedule.
“When Inspector Rankone proposed this to me, it sounded like a dream, knowing that the Compol is very busy.

“This morning, there was a meeting at Government Complex and I was worried that we might not be able to make it to this service but through the grace of God, we made it.
“We need to be united in order to conquer the challenges we are facing. We should stop giving out information to the outside world, lest it be used against us,” she said.

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