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Health ministry to clamp down on officials overcharging public

Mantoetse Maama

MASERU — The Ministry of Health on Thursday warned it will clamp down on officials who are charging more than the stipulated fees to provide health services to the public.

In a statement the ministry said it was concerned that some officials were charging more than the stipulated fees to issue sick leave notes and conduct medical examinations.

The ministry’s public relations officer, ‘Mateboho Mosebekoa, said the ministry had been tipped off about the malpractice by members of the public.

She said some corrupt officials were also charging exorbitant fees to issue certificates to those who handle food in restaurants and hotels.

Mosebekoa did not specify how much these corrupt officials were charging to members of the public.

Students who undergo medical examinations are expected to pay M30 while employees pay M100 per examination.

Food handlers are required to pay M50 to get a food handling clearance certificate.

“The public is notified and advised against any payments for such demands and they are requested to report any officials who ask for extra payments,” Mosebekoa said.

She said payments for government services should only be made at stipulated offices at official health centres.

“Anyone who pays should always get official receipts,” she said.

She added that such corrupt tendencies often flourished because the public were willing to pay higher fees to access quicker services.

But Mosebekoa warned that the ministry will clamp down heavily on officials who are found guilty of corrupt tendencies.

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