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Gutzeit retains Lesotho Enduro title

Pascalinah Kabi

THABA-BOSIU — South African off-road rider, Jade Gutzeit, retained his Lesotho Enduro title yesterday.

The 34-year-old retained his title after an impressive six hours and 40 minutes, a minute ahead of team-mate Louwrens Mahoney.

The race took place at Ntlo-Kholo about 20 km north-east of Maseru.

Gutzeit and Mahoney, who are both with the Yahama team, were in most cases a few minutes apart from the beginning of the race.

Gutzeit — Roof of Africa 2010’s first runner-up — finished his first loop of 50 km in 1hour, 45 minutes.

He could have finished the first loop in even in less time had he not got lost at Mahaheng.

He was then forced to relocate giving his competitors a chance to get closer.

Soon after finishing his first loop at Ntlo-Kholo, Gutzeit took a break of 10 minutes to ensure that his bike was in good condition.

He resumed the race at 9.55am.

Finishing his third loop, Gutzeit’s speed was now getting higher, completing this loop in 1hour, 15 minutes, 30 minutes less than the first one.

“I got lost over there at the quarry (Mahaheng) and was pulled up by my teammate (Mahoney),” Gutzeit said after finishing his first loop.

The race was ran in four loops from Ntlo-Kholo to St Michaels, Ha Ralejoe, Ha Mpao, Ha Tjopa, Thabana Tsoana, Ha Ntlama, Mahaheng and back to the starting or finishing point at Ntlo-Kholo.

After winning the race, Gutzeit told the Sunday Express he was happy he did not break his legs or hands.

“The race was rough but at least I haven’t broken my legs or my arms.

“I was very careful all the way because I have a problem with my leg and don’t want to get into trouble with it again.

“It was very dangerous and I got caught up once or twice I think,” Gutzeit said.

He said this year’s race was tougher because of the rain.

“It was a tough ride because of the rain and rocks all over the routes and a lot of places have been washed away by the rain,” he said.

Gutzeit is the reigning Southern African Enduro champion.

Southern African Enduro is made up of six series — Lesotho Enduro, Montagu National Enduro, Rover National Enduro, Kei National Enduro, KZN National Enduro and Winterberg National Enduro.

Except Lesotho Enduro, the other five competitions are all held in South Africa.

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