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Putting God first

bibleGOSPEL TRAIN with Jacob Rukweza

FOR us to be on the same page every week it is important to begin with the beginning.

As we fellowship together through this weekly column it will be important from the onset to acknowledge that the discussions that will be carried in this column are based on the Holy Bible.

The purpose of this platform will be to help Christians and non-Christians alike to study particular Bible verses and learn important moral lessons as we live and await the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The first verse in the Holy Bible, Genesis 1:1, reads: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

It is important for both believers and non-believers to understand why this is the first verse in the Bible.

The purpose of this important reminder about the genesis of creation is to clarify God’s position in the life of all mankind.

In fact, the verse is a categorical illustration of God’s unique position in the universe which is made up of “the heavens and the earth”.

The first verse in the first book in the Holy Bible clearly and firmly places God in the uncontested position of creator.

The same verse clearly points out that it is God who was there “in the beginning” before anyone or anything else.

Because the holy Bible says it is God who was there in the beginning and because the same Bible says God is the creator of heaven and earth, it is crystal clear that before Him nothing existed and without Him nothing was created.

This declaration as found in the first verse of the holy bible places God in a superior league as creator, not creature.

In other words, the verse defines God as the author or owner of the universe.

As human beings interact with God on a daily basis it is important to be unmistaken about the status of God.

The book of Genesis is a hectic calendar of the history of creation.

After the heavens and the earth God created light, darkness, water, vegetation and the all the animals that we know including birds to fly in the sky and fish to swim in the seas.

On the sixth day God created man.

In short, God created everything.

It is important to note that the book of Genesis from its first verse to the last verse speaks of one creator and one creator only who is God.

This automatically means that because God is the creator of all human beings and all the creatures on this earth no other person or creature has power over mankind and these creatures.

It is for the same reason that mankind and all creatures should acknowledge and worship God as the one and only creator.

It is important to understand the history of creation because that is what guides mankind in the process of choosing who to worship.

The highlight of today’s discussion is that, in whatever we do, it is important to put God first because the Bible which is the basis of our faith has already done the same.

From today onwards let us make it a point to put God first in our life at home, work or school understanding that He who created has the power to destroy what He created.

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