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Gospel ensemble drops fifth album


Mohalenyane Phakela

GOSPEL ensemble, Basebeletsi Ba Aletare Mazenod (BASA) will launch their fifth album on 3 August at the Catholic Church Hall in Mazenod.

Titled, Mohlolo oa Kanana, the album boasts 14 tracks with different themes inspired by the Bible. The title track recounts the story of Jesus’s first miracle when He turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana.

Other tracks to look out for include Ha e se Morena which states that a plan is not complete without involving God, Molimo Ke Oena Molimo which encourages Christians to continually seek God and Re Kopantsoe Ke Moea which calls for unity amongst Christians regardless of denominations.

The album is already available at Catholic book centres around the country and is receiving airplay on some local and South African radio stations.

Speaking on behalf of the 100 member all male outfit, Mokhantsi Tsoamotse told Xpress People that their compositions were “greatly inspired by Bible verses and our aim is to promote Psalms and other messages that relate to daily challenges”.

“Our instrumentals and composition have a Catholic influence which is fused with the modern style of praise music so that we can accommodate other Christians who are not Catholics. Our style is unique due to the way we arrange songs and the fact that we are all males.

“The first album was released in 2005 but we do not have a specific timeframe of releasing albums, we just rely on the availability of songs. We will be performing all the songs at the launch and we are not yet sure whether we will feature other musicians at the show.”

Adding to that, Mpeke Matsoai said that their goal is to provide relief for their members hence they also partake in various other activities.

“We meet at least twice a week to rehearse and engage in other activities such as charity and sports as the aim is to help each other relieve the stress from daily challenges.

“It is through these activities that we are able to keep peace and unity and we also support each other’s talents outside music. We have also lined up a talent show for our members which will take place on Saturday,” he said.


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