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Gala dinner for a worthy cause

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Mohalenyane Phakela

FIRST Lady ‘Maesiah Thabane’s fund-raising gala dinner-dance to raise funds for her charity which supports vulnerable people across the country, was a huge success, with the highest single donation being half a million maloti from an anonymous well-wisher.

The event attracted scores of people to the Victory Hall in Moshoeshoe II on Friday evening.

People from all walks of life thronged the venue to support the ‘Maesiah Thabane’s Trust Fund, which continues to help Basotho from disadvantaged backgrounds in different ways including the provision of groceries, houses and medical support.

Fashionistas could take a few notes from the guests including government dignitaries and business people who were resplendent in exquisite dresses and stylish suits and bowties.

The lady of the moment, ‘Maesiah was picture perfect in her black evening gown while her husband, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, also looked the part in his back suit.

The excellent music from Jam Session DJs, performances from the likes of Selimo Thabane, ETT Cultural Group and comedian Lilaphalapha kept guests entertained as they dug deep into their pockets to support the trust.

The Thabane power couple opened the dancefloor with their moves before the rest followed suit.

M10 000 was the common figure but the highest donation was that of M500 000 by an anonymous donor.

Companies also offered to support the trust through services as well as employing some of the people supported by the trust.

Ms Thabane thanked everybody who supported her vision of helping the less fortunate including the elderly and destitute families.

“There are a lot of people who go to bed on an empty stomach who would find pap with water as a meal to die for while others have no roofs over their heads,” she said.

“I thank the Almighty for the power He vested in me to help those in need and I also thank everybody as this project would have not been possible without your help. Together we will walk this route and reach out to thousands of Basotho who need our aid,” she said.

Dr Thabane praised his wife for the initiative, adding she had inspired him through the strides she had made in helping Basotho.

“Due to my wife’s age, I never thought she would have interest in helping the needy but I saw commitment and I ended up being a convert.

“Nowadays when she visits the vulnerable I carry her bags and tag along. I urge those working with me to become amateur social workers and pledge that government will set aside a budget for the vulnerable.”

Dr Thabane also vowed that his coalition government would strive to achieve stability in Lesotho.

“We have had a long history of internal stability and even killed each other in this country and in that process attracted the attention of our neighbours who were gravely concerned by developments in Lesotho,” he said.

“We have been in the news recently for the bad reasons and I do not understand why that had to be the case when we speak one language and live within the same vicinity. It is high time we make news for the good reasons. All Basotho should make a declaration to stabilise Lesotho to become a peace-loving friendly Kingdom.

“The only permission I will seek is from God to help me fulfil this pledge of stabilising Lesotho. This is not a job for one person but every citizen of this country especially the young generation who have much more to live for.

“I am fortunate because all the people who are in parliament with me today have amazed me with their passion to do good things under the banner of our coalition. This is the first real coalition government in Lesotho.

He said there was a time when the congress parties would not mix with the nationals but that was no longer the case.

“As the leader of this group, I left congress in disgust, (Deputy Prime Minister Monyane) Moleleki has also left congress in disgust and together we joined Thesele (‘Maseribane) whose party was once regarded by congress as a “polecat”.

“When you call people together to build peace then you are going somewhere. I am going to dedicate the last days of my life to ensure that there is peace and stability in Lesotho. I am never going to run away from anyone again. There is a lot of hope for this country and there is a ray of light coming our way and what we need to do is embrace that light,” he said.

Dr Thabane’s All Basotho Convention is in government with the Alliance of Democrats, the Basotho National Party and the Reformed Congress of Lesotho.


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