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Gags and Music to host last comedy show

Nthatuoa Koeshe

ENTERTAINMENT promotion agency Gags and Music is set to host its last comedy night for the year on Wednesday ending a 10-show run which started in April this year.

The show will feature Seleb, Leotoana and Skaftin with musical performances by Da Star, Funky Luciano and Nkoanyane Pitso.

Skaftin told the Xpress People that they intend to bring down the curtain on 2018 in a humorous way.

“This has been a year full of laughter and challenges but we managed to pull through and we are hoping to wrap it up in the same style as we started by making people laugh,” Skaftin said.

He said he had learnt a lot about comedy this year describing it as a fun filled journey despite the sporadic bloopers and shocks.

The Gags team, he said, was shocked at the amount of work that they had set for themselves when they ventured into the promotions business.

He said they occasionally encountered miner hiccups but remained focused and forged ahead with their plans.

Skaftin however, reckons that Basotho need to reconfigure their performing arts, adding there was still public apathy towards creative arts like stand-up comedy.

“As a nation we are too used and also comfortable with mainstream forms of entertainment so coming up with a new culture and getting people accustomed to something new isn’t going to happen overnight,” he said.

Skaftin said initially performers were not keen to get onto the Gags and Music roster but the situation slowly improved and said this was their standout achievements this year.

He said the 10 comedy nights had not only been an ice breaker which attracted comedians – both rookies and veterans – but had been a steep learning curve for his team which can now expertly handle criticism.

“This was not an easy job at all. We had to accommodate everyone, refrain from hate speech, cover content and share it on social media platforms for those people who were not able to attend our shows hence the phrase ‘we do comedy differently’ which we abided by the whole year,” Skaftin said.

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