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Gags and Music donates to Kibiti

Nthatuoa Koeshe

GAGS and Music Wednesday has weighed into the Help Kibiti get a leg campaign which is aimed at acquiring a prosthetic leg.

Also known as Leotoana, Kibiti lost his leg in an accident in 2011.

The comedian, born Thapelo Sephiri, recently launched the campaign a fortnight ago to help him raise funds replace the artificial leg as the old one is now worn out.

The campaign was launched on social media and soon gathered momentum with the public contributing via different platforms to raise the required M130 000.

Founder of Gags and Music Wednesday, Skaftin (real name Jeremiah Lebea) told the Xpress People that they decided to theme this month’s comedy night “Help Kibiti get a leg” because they felt that it was important to help the comedian realise his dream.

“Gags and Music Wednesday thought it would be the best to take part in this campaign having known Leotoana even before he started up comedy,” Skaftin said.

“We had a chat about how we could engage more people to embark onto the campaign as some did not know that he needed an artificial leg… We came up with an idea to have a photo-shoot and a short video that proves that really indeed needs a new leg, but the gags team later settled for a show dedicated to the cause.”

He said they collected M4 200 in gate takings on the night while donations from revelers amounted to M1 000 while some corporates also chipped in.

“Mamoth pledged M5000 and motor spares company Oasis also pledged M2000 on the same night. This is what we mean when we say if we join hands we can achieve the unachievable,” he said.

Among the comedians who performed on the night were Lilaphalapha, Energy, Dumisane Mkhondwane, Tšehla, Mokotatsie, Skaftin and Leotoana.

Skaftin expressed gratitude to the audience.

“We have had many sold out shows but this was different. It was a show with a good purpose and beyond just making people laugh. We wanted to raise money that would be directed towards the Help Kibiti get leg campaign and having done that gives fulfilment.

“We do not want to just do this for a fellow comedian but for everyone who may need our help in some way,” he said adding they are only trying to instill the spirit of helping one another in their followers.

Leotoana expressed his gratitude to the gags team and the audience adding that he was overwhelmed by the support he has been getting since he started with the campaign.

“From the deepest part of my heart, I am thankful that gags devoted the comedy show to the campaign. Their support to Help Kibiti get a leg is gratifying.

“I am also thankful to Mamoth and Oasis for their contributions adding. I want to believe that what they have opened eyes in the corporate world that they should take part in helping people in difficult times,” Skaftin said.

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