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Gags and Music celebrates first anniversary

Nthatuoa Koeshe

GAGS and Music Wednesdays will next week celebrate its first anniversary with performances by upcoming comedians who have so far taken part in the ongoing #FindAComedian initiative on social media from the 14th of this month.

The initiative involves aspiring comedians sending one-minute videos of themselves making jokes. The comedians, who will be unveiled next week were selected from the initiative.

Comedian and founder of Gags and Music Wednesdays, Skaftin (born Jeremiah Lebea), told the Xpress people that he is pleased with the progress they made in one year and they hope to achieve more.

He said when they started the comedy show last year in March along with Sehlabaka Rampeta, they had a dream to come up with an event people that people can attend to unwind with laughter and good music.

“Sehlabaka later brought Nkopane Mojakisane, Lebohang Thepa, Sekila Molapo and Nkoanyane Pitso into the team and I brought another comedian Thapelo “Leotoana” Sephiri,” Skaftin said.

He said at the time, they had a vision to create a big platform and were all willing to give it their all.

Skaftin said they then decided to come up with a comedy night where he and Leotoana would perform and Sehlabaka, Nkopabe and Lebohang would film and take pictures of every show and post them on different social media platforms to attract more people while Nkoanyane would play music.

“At our first show there were few people but we performed nevertheless and did not lose hope,” he said.

He said after their first show, people started learning more about the concept and the numbers of people attending the shows increased gradually.

Skaftin said the reception improved with time while more comedians expressed interest in performing at the shows.

“It surprises us all the time when we are told that we are actually doing more than we may think we are doing. It’s so fulfilling,” he said

He said in the last one year, they have had their fair share of challenges both external and internal like any other initiative. He however, said nothing has deterred them as they remained focused.

“We wanted to produce homegrown content with international standards and that’s exactly what we did, and we will continue to do so.”

Skaftin said they also managed to secure a few sponsors from local businesses which include Donny’s Fresh Dried Fruits, Redi Rides, Leseli Hub and Morali’a Monethi Farms.

He said considering where and how they started, securing an advertising billboard and having an office space were some of the biggest achievements in the one year.

Skaftin said due to consistency, they have reached huge milestones in a short time including getting bigger gigs.

However, said one of their biggest mistakes was failing to record their plans which often portrayed them as a directionless lot.

“Failing to write down our schedules and timelines was one of the biggest mistakes we intend to fix in the future because the only way to look back at all our activities is through the notes we would have kept,” Skaftin said.

He also said they have now engaged a public relations officer who is helping them keep track.

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