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Free PR, legal services for local artistes

Nthatuoa Koeshe  

PUBLIC relations specialist and brand innovator Libe Mohale and media law specialist, Tholoana Rose Ncheke, have partnered to help upcoming Basotho artistes scrutinise their contracts with record labels before appending their signatures.

Mohale’s portfolio includes campaign management and media management. He manages actors like Rami Chuene, Zenande Mfenyana, Vuyo Ngcukana and also has close working relations with Moshe Ndiki, Claire Mawisa and Dineo Moeketsi among many others.

He said most artistes struggle to get out of contracts whenever relations turned sour hence it was crucial to scrutinise the contracts before signing.

“It’s harder or impossible to get one out of a contract when things turn sour,” Mohale said.

He said many artistes rush into contracts because of desperation but that would now be a thing of the past since they can now consult with the specialists to read and advise before they sign.

Mohale said most artistes do not read their contracts hence they are gullible.

“Our talented artistes are swallowed and thrown out all over the world just because they do not read contracts. We have encountered several people who turn around and say they didn’t read the contract because they trusted the potential manager or producer. This is scary and insane but also understandable.

“We are tired of the cycle of artistes coming to big cities and being exploited but being unable to sue to producers and record labels for what is rightfully theirs.”

Mohale said the solution was to read contracts before signing.

“We have, Tholoana a qualified media law specialist and has worked with institutions such as the Film and Production Board of South Africa actively and is available to help local artistes.

“This is a pro bono service that we will provide in our personal capacities just to help and advise them before they commit to things they don’t know,” Mohale said.

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