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Former central bank governor dies

Ntsebeng Motsoeli


MASERU — Former governor of the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL), Motlatsi Matekane, has died.

Matekane died of cancer at the Olive Day Clinic in Gauteng on Thursday morning.

He was 64.

According to his sister, ‘Malirontšo Matekane, the former CBL boss was diagnosed of cancer last December.

‘Malirontšo said Matekane became seriously ill three weeks ago.

“He moved to Gauteng so that he could be closer to specialists,” she said.

‘Malirontšo said his brother was in serious pain during his illness.

“He was in so much pain. He suffered a lot,” she said.

She said her brother’s death was a great loss to his family.

“We have lost a valuable member of our family,” she said.

“I and four siblings have lost our brother who has been so good to us since our parents’ deaths. He was with us in happy and tough days.”

The deceased leaves his wife and three children.

‘Malirontšo said they will forever be proud of the contributions Matekane made towards improving Lesotho’s economy.

“He has made us proud,” she said.

“I can proudly highlight that he was part of planning of the Metolong Water Project.

“There were other great contributions he made as principal secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Planning and as governor of the CBL.

“He wished so much to see his country develop.

“He hated people who lied. He used to say he hated it when leaders lied to the people.

“He said people had a right to know the truth about things which affected their lives.”

Matekane was governor of the CBL from 2001 until 2006 when his five-year term ended.

He was a member of the All Basotho Convention and at the time of his death he was the party’s treasurer.

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