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FNB launches banking internship

Letuka Chafotsa

THE First National Bank (FNB), on Thursday, launched an internship programme to equip graduates with skills to cope with the rigours of the banking sector.

Speaking at the internship launch, FNB Head of Human Resources ‘Maseipati Makhele said the programme, which is aimed at ensuring graduates are effective and efficient in discharging their duties, would also help the bank in outstripping competitors due to the in-job training the graduates have acquired.

“The programme will equip the participants with knowledge gained through practical experience, combined with the interpersonal activity of the office, thereby enabling them to be proficient in the business world,” said Ms Makhele.

“The internship is an introduction to the real world of business which will give graduates the opportunity to understand how the process works in the commercial world.”
Ms Makhele said there is a connection between internship and academic study, adding that it shows how business theories work in practice, and thus would be key in the participants’ development.

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