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Flying school on cards

Ntsebeng Motsoeli


MASERU — A local aviation firm, Mountain Airways, has announced plans to open a flying school at Moshoeshoe I International Airport.

Mountain Airways chief executive officer, Dieter Meyer, told the Sunday Express the programme will get underway as soon as the airline secures a long-term licence from the government’s Civil Aviation Directorate.

“We will be opening a flying school at the Moshoeshoe I International Airport once we get our long-term operating certificate,” Meyer said.

“The institution will be open to anyone above 17 years of age and tuition fees will be in the region of M50 000.”

Mountain Airways took to the skies last July and provides flights within Lesotho and cross-border flights to selected destinations.

The company also offers sightseeing charter flights to selected destinations around the country.

Meyer said he was happy with the support his company had received from Basotho since the firm began operating last year.

He reaffirmed the company’s commitment to developing Lesotho’s aviation industry.

“An increasing number of Basotho are beginning to appreciate the use of local air travel and more people have come to take our flights regularly,” Meyer said.

“Our aim is to develop the industry and we believe there would be a high demand for pilots once this has been achieved.

“Graduates from the school will be granted internationally recognised licences that will qualify them to fly anywhere in the world.”

Mountain Airway operates a two-seater Samba XL, a five-seater Piper PA, a three-seater Cessna 172 and a 19-seater King Air.

Before the launch of Mountain Airways, South Africa’s Airlink was the only airline operating in Lesotho.

The third and latest player in the industry is Matekane Group of Companies which launched two aircrafts this month.

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