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Firm pioneers automated web domain registration

by Sunday Express
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Bereng Mpaki

LOCAL firm Zeecom Computers has become the first to introduce an automated registration for the .ls (Lesotho) website domain in the country.

According to www.study.com, “a web domain is an actual presence on the Internet, such as a web page”.

“A web domain name is a substitute that replaces the internet protocol (IP) address.’

Previously, all registrations had to be done by physically visiting hosts’ offices and make payments before the domain started working. This also meant that the process could only be done during office hours.

Zeecom managing director Khombelwayo Mlotshwa told Sunday Express that the move was inspired by the need to enhance easy access to technology and efficiency.

According Mr Mlotshwa, manual domain registration is time consuming and forces clients to miss out on business opportunities.

He said it is also costly as customers had to travel which also comes with many other inconveniences.

Through the automated system however, which is still being offered by Zeecom only under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications, customers can instantly apply for a domain. He said the clients can pay for the domain online using either debit or credit cards, electronic funds transfer or mobile money platforms.

After successfully registration, the domain will also be managed automatically.

Mr Mlotshwa said the instant domain registration will allow more people and businesses to have improved access to the internet, which may significantly impact on the country’s economic activity.

“The difficult process of registering local (.ls) domains in Lesotho is something we do not only feel hinders the advancement of technological products but also mars economic development in the area of science and technology,” Mr Mlotshwa said.

Based in Maseru, Zeecom Computers has been offering IT services such as web hosting and design, computer sales and repairs among others for the past 12 years.

To register a domain online, prospective customers can log into: www.zeecom.co.ls and go to the domains button to complete the process.

Mr Mlotshwa said they were accredited as registrars in 2017 and launched the system in September 2017. The platform, he said, started online registration in January where they have so far registered 120 customers so far.

“In January when we gained access to the root server, our system flowed like a hot knife through butter and since then we have registered more than 120 domains remotely.

“The system is 100% reliable. We also have the manual process as backup should clients encounter challenges and also our technicians are on stand-by to ensure that people still get instant registration,” he said.

Mr Mlotshwa said clients that have registered their domains with other registrars also have an opportunity to migrate to Zeecom remotely for management.

It costs M220 to register a new domain while there is no specific price for the purchase of an already registered domain. Some people registered domains for speculative purposes which they then sell to business that want to inherit web names with specific characters.

“Every business now needs internet to operate. Even when students want to register a domain for their projects, they do not need to go somewhere in town to fill in paperwork and pay. We had to come up with a solution which can allow you to register a domain from anywhere.

“Through this innovation, people who are online So that we can have a lot of people who are online and that can contribute to the economy of this country when people harness the power of technology operations,” Mr Mlotshwa said.

Mr Mlotshwa said it was important for local business people to embrace the .ls domain as it was a unique national treasure. On registration, part of the fees goes to the government.

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