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Fired PS Zaly refuses to budge

Keiso Mohloboli

MASERU — The fired Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology, Nonkululeko Zaly, has refused to hand over govern­ment residential property and vehicles after her dis­missal last Thursday.

The cabinet sources said Zaly has been re­fusing to budge arguing that “her working contract is still valid and cannot be termi­nated without any specific conditions”.
Meanwhile, Government Secretary Mot­latsi Ramafole revealed on Friday that he issued Zaly’s termination and dismissal letter on January 16 2013.

He said Zaly had an ongoing miscon­duct disciplinary hearing that found her “unfit” to continue her term as PS of that ministry.

Ramafole said Zaly was relieved of her duties following a discipli­nary panel recommendation that “she was found unfit to hold that position, therefore should be dis­missed”. “The government was just implementing a recommen­dation,” said Ramafole.

However, Zaly’s government subjected house was assailed by about seven police officers to take all government cars and property as she was no longer working for the Minis­try.
Ramafole said Zaly refused to hand over government prop­erty despite the fact that she was dismissed that is why “I had to seek for assis­tance from our police to take away government prop­erty from her possession”.

Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) spokesper­son, Senior Inspector Lebona Mohloboli, said the po­lice were requested by Ramafole to get all government property from Zaly as she is no longer working for gov­ernment. Mohloboli told this paper on Friday that the police only managed to get one vehicle a Toyota Camry but could not succeed to get a Lexus or to move her out of the government house.

“Zaly had a problem of releasing all the items we were requested to get from her and alleged that there are unclear issues regarding her terminated contract that had to be clarified before she surrenders every­thing,” said Mohloboli.

The Minister of Communications, Science and Tech­nology Selibe Mochoboroane confirmed Zaly’s immedi­ate dismissal.

“Government Secretary issued Zaly’s letter of dis­missal following recommendations by the disciplinary panel who handled her misconduct hearing,” said Mo­choboroane.
Mochoboroane said Zaly’s dismissal letter had no specific termination conditions, while her contract had termination necessities.

In an effort to get Zaly’s comment on her immedi­ate dismissal, her phone was answered by one lady who said Zaly was sleeping after visiting a doctor dur­ing the day. However, a source said Zaly had a meet­ing with the ministry’s disciplinary panel complaining about her immediate dismissal.

Zaly was released two months after returning from her six months suspension for alleged misconduct.
Prior to her dismissal Zaly had a series of run-ins with her boss, former Communications Minister Tšeliso Mokhosi.

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