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Fired minister visits prophet

Staff Reporter

MASERU — Lebohang Nts’inyi, the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) bigwig fired as tourism minister two months ago, was on Friday spotted visiting a popular prophet in Teyateyaneng.

The LCD deputy secretary-general visited the popular Kereke ea Ntate Moshoeshoe around midday on Friday.

She was in the company of another lady who was later identified as her brother’s wife.

The chief prophet, Moshoeshoe, was not available and the two had to consult his wife who was holding fort for him, the Sunday Express can reveal.

They arrived in a white 4×4 twin-cab.

Nts’inyi was dressed casually in a simple African print full dress, a headscarf and a seemingly worn-out pair of silver shoes, a far cry from her usual glamorous self.

Nts’inyi’s sister-in-law was dressed in a brown Seshoeshoe dress.

The former tourism minister yesterday confirmed that she had visited the prophet but said she had only accompanied her sister-in-law.

She also said this was not the first time that she had visited the prophet because a week earlier she had visited the church again with her sister-in-law.

She however said there was “nothing out of the ordinary” about her visit because her brother attended the same church.

“Why should my visit to that church attract so much attention?” Nts’inyi said when contacted for comment yesterday.

“I am of the Lesotho Evangelical Church, but I visited other churches during my tenure as a minister.

“People never paid attention to which churches I visited then.

“Why is the focus on me now? Doesn’t this deprive me of my freedom of association and movement?”

“Whoever gave you the story should also have told you that I only went there because that is the church my brother attends,” she added.

“On the two occasions that I was there, it was with my sister-in-law.”

She said she did not know that Kereke ea Ntate Moshoeshoe offered “other services apart from being a place of worship”.

It’s a church like any other, she said.

The church’s founder, known to this paper only as Ntate Moshoeshoe, claims to have spiritual powers to exorcise evil spirits.

He prescribes “holy water” and oils to cast the evil spirits away or to bring good luck.

His church also provides an assortment of scented, coloured oils that come in pink, orange, yellow, red, green and blue.

A bottle costs M20.

The prophet also claims he can help people restore their lost dignity, get promotions at work and generate money.

A visit to him can also help individuals to be “loved by those around them”, so he claims.

He also offers routine prayers for individuals with “troubled souls”.

It costs M15 to consult the prophets at Kereke ea Ntate Moshoeshoe.

Situated about 4km from the main Teyateyaneng bus stop, the prophet’s church is so popular that it gets clients from as far as Johannesburg.

It also attracts a lot of high-profile people from Lesotho.

The first visit is normally by appointment but the prophet says he never turns away people who need urgent help.

Asked whether the visit to the church had anything to do with her waning political fortunes, Nts’inyi said: “I had no idea the church can help one see the future. I’m actually surprised because I know the place as a church like any other.”

Nts’inyi is one of the LCD executive committee members who have come under attack from irate constituencies over the past four months.

The committee is currently in the process of organising a special conference where party members will decide whether it should be disbanded or not.

A date is yet to be set for the special conference.

“I will attest to the fact that there are problems in the LCD as a party,” Nts’inyi said.

“But I have no idea that there is confusion in the LCD executive committee. I’ve nothing to worry about.”

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