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Financial literacy focus at career expo


Pascalinah Kabi               

A local insurance company says financial literacy is key to ensuring that Basotho children receive quality education necessary for the country’s quest to fight the high unemployment rate.

The Alliance Insurance Company Sales and Marketing manager, Limakatso Mokobocho said this on Friday at the end of the week-long Mind Liberation Psychological Consultancy (MLPSC) career expo.

The expo, which started on Monday in Thaba-Tseka before moving to Butha-Buthe then Berea and Quthing, ended on a high note in Maseru

This was the fourth year in which the company sponsored the eight-year-old expo.

Ms Mokobocho said it was unfortunate that hundreds of young people whose education was funded by the government were currently unable to out their knowledge into practice due to high unemployment rate.

She said the career expo was therefore crucial in ensuring that government’s investment in education bore fruits

“This career expo seeks to expose learners to various career paths after high school,” Ms Mokobocho said.

“In this way we will be able to address issues of high unemployment rate in the country while at the same time affording people an opportunity to do what they are passionate about,” Ms Mokobocho said.

She said that it was important to learners to choose career paths based more on their passion instead of what is available on the market.

She said her company was passionate about investing in young people’s education as education not only give them a voice but economic independence.

“We therefore support this good initiative because we know how important young people’s education is. But for them to be able to make right career choices, they need to have access to information and this is a good platform for that,” she said.

Ms Mokobocho however advised parents to be financially literate as this was one of the key elements in ensuring that children have access to quality education.

“With financial literacy, parents will be able to invest their monies and ensure that their children’s quality education is guaranteed no matter what happens late on in life,” she said.

Ms Mokobocho said they would collaborate with the Lesotho Sports Reporters Association to encourage more learners to consider a sports reporting as a career.

In a separate interview, MLPSC marketing manager, Ntsoaki Toti said the expo attracted over 2000 learners in the four districts.

“Although we are yet to compile statistics on Maseru expo, Maseru pulled a bigger crowd. We are happy to have afforded students opportunity to be able to interact with officials from reputable universities,” Ms Toti said.

She said modern world dictated that students have access to information so that they could make informed decisions which they would not regret later in life.

She said the career expo was a corporate social responsibility aimed at addressing issues of unemployment.

“Government cannot absorb all graduates into the civil service and recession is making matters worse. So we need to help young people look into career paths that will enable them to be self-employed and this expo is one arena which seeks that,” Ms Toti said.

Speaking on behalf of universities, University of Venda liaison officer, Takalani Phillip Nyelisani said they were happy with the reception from aspiring students.

He said that modern world dictated that countries come up with courses that seek to respond to their individual needs and his university was doing its best to cater for the SADC region.

“Our vision seeks to cater for the needs of the region and we are working hard to ensure that we achieve this. We have had many Basotho studying at our university in the past and we want to grow our portfolio,” he said, adding that advantages of studying outside the country included intercultural exposure as well as a wider variety of career choices.

He advised learners it was important to start nurturing their career dreams right from Form A, saying “at times you find learners realising that they were passionate about certain courses but cannot follow in that direction”.

“For instance, you find that one only realises that they would need mathematics for certain career paths but they only realise that when they are already in Form D. Thus they are forced to abandon that career path.”

He also urged parents to be supportive of their children. 



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