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Filmmaking education initiative launched

Mohalenyane Phakela

SESOTHO Media and Development (SM&D) on Friday held the premiere for the 48HR Film Project 2014, an initiative to educate people about filmmaking at Limkokwing campus.
SM&D is a non-profit organisation that showcases documentary films to communities around the country. At the premiere, they screened such short films as Dead End, Trampled, Bophelong Bona and Walking in the Dark asking the audience which one they thought was an excellent or poorly done production.

“We have had problems of poor productions last year when we were preparing for our annual film festival as people would submit films that do not meet the required standards to be classified as films,” said SM&D director Mpho Letima in an interview with Xpress People at the show.

The premiere was graced by Limkokwing students and other participants such as Silas Monyatsi and Kaizer Matsumunyane, who adjudicated the films screened.
“We came up with this 48HR project so that upcoming filmmakers can get thumbs up or down so that they know where they went wrong,” Letima said.
“Critics are not meant to destroy people but make them realise their mistakes.
“In this project, filmmakers had to produce films within 48 hours without any budget to work on, and we are so much touched by the passion and talent in this country.
“Our aim as an organisation that deals with films, is to train young local filmmakers to be able to produce a film with quality picture, sound and a clear storyline because these are the rudiments to any motion picture production,” he added.
“It is the first time we have a project of this nature of which we worked on without any funding no budget.
“The interest that will be shown as we go on will determine whether we should have it on regular basis, hopefully with a budget next time.”
Local filmmaker Matsumunyane lauded the initiative.
“I feel privileged to be part of this great project,” Matsumunyane said. “Producing a film is not child’s play like spectators seem to think when they just watch and cannot wait to point out mistakes.
“There is never a point when a filmmaker can actually say ‘I know’.
“I always learn something new every time I do a short film or movie.
“It is also great to see more young vibrant people joining this industry. I would like to congratulate these filmmakers for the good work they did in such a short time.”

Monyatsi also made remarks at the premiere, saying: “I have seen a great approach and attitude from these young producers together with their casts when watching these films.
“I would not expect you to be perfect yet in terms of quality as I believe you have shortage of equipment required, but the angles you used when taking shorts says it all about your creativity.”
“We will ensure that you get all the training you need through our Motion Pictures Association of Lesotho,” he added. “People sometimes tend to ignore basic things like lighting or background yet they say a lot about the scene.”

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