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Film producers to audition for new movie

Nthatuoa Koeshe

AUDITIONS for the upcoming Movie When it hurts it hurts will soon be held at the Sefate sa Bophelo Primary School in Ha-Thetsane on 2 February this year.

When it hurts it hurts is a story of a loving couple that was set entirely apart due to greed by death.

It tells a story of a middle-aged woman, ‘Mampolai, who suffers after the loss of her husband, Ramaisa, who was a bread winner but most importantly a loving father and a great husband.

After her husband’s death, ‘Mampolai later learns that her husband was murdered by his colleague Makhetha and she plots revenge to get closure for her husband’s death.

‘Mampolai gets closer to the friend by seducing him planning to wipe out his bank accounts.

The writer, Nthabiseng Tsenoli Seutloali, told the Xpress People that they will need a cast of 15 people for the movie.

She said she will take the role of the protagonist ‘Mampolai.

Nthabiseng said the story was inspired by an incident which she witnessed in Ha-Thetsane where a man was killed in his home leaving his wife and a child.

“I have always wanted to write a movie so, when this incident happened, I felt inspired to write something with the same storyline and is entirely based on revenge,” she said.

She added that she was forced to take the revenge storyline because the killers who were found guilty did not even serve any jail time as they started roaming on the streets just two weeks after their conviction.

Nthabiseng said she was looking for young a vibrant cast for the movie as it is full of drama and needs characters who can tell the story perfectly.

“I want people who have good acting skills and who can express all the emotions in the movie correctly because this is a dramatic movie,” she said.

Nthabiseng said with the movie, she wants to send a message that justice should always be served as anger turns people turn into monsters who are willing to revenge whenever the law fails them.

Nthabiseng is a 24-year-old actress and model who is also

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