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Female quartet unleashes scorcher

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Mohalenyane Phakela

MATTIE Stepanek, the late American poet once said: “Unity is strength (and) when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”.

While Mattie’s assertion is universal in various realms, it is also apt for four local musicians who have collaborated for a hit single titled Nothing Like You.

Three rap queens, Kot Inferno, Meloh and Queen Mo collaborated with songbird, Mapule for the track that was released on 9 August 2018.

The artistes said the track was born out of the need to unite female artistes and it was befitting that they chose the release date to coincide with Women’s Day that is celebrated on 9 August.

From the day it was released, Nothing Like You has left listeners gapping for more with its sound arrangement, melody and lyrical content so much that many have been wondering where the singers had not explored the collaboration earlier.

The track was released via different free online downloading platforms and further submitted to local radio stations such as Ultimate FM, Mxxl and Radio Lesotho among others where it has rocked airwaves.

Besides the exceptional lyricism, the slow tempo on the beat by Taks Beats also complements the track well.

It starts off with Mapule in her melodious voice before Meloh jumps in with her dancehall fused punchlines. Kot Inferno follows with her Sesotho and Venack rhymes before Queen Mo steps in last with conscious rap content. Mapule smoothens the track by chipping in with the chorus in between the rappers until the end.

Speaking on behalf of the quartet to the Xpress People recently, Queen Mo said that the song was an introduction of their ambition to unite women.

“We have been contemplating the idea for over a year thinking how we could unite feminine forces until recently when we thought a song would be the best idea to create awareness,” Queen Mo said.

“We released it on Women’s Day to show that it is about women and for women. Our plan is to bring women who are in the arts industry, especially musicians and poets so that we can work together.

“As the song indicates, we are all unique and even if we may be doing the same thing, which is music, there is always that element which distinguishes one from the other. It is more of ‘I am nothing like you, you are nothing like me concept’,” she said.

Queen Mo said they would keep working with Taks Beats as their producer but would love to have female producers on the team.

The singer also invited other women to attend the women’s get-together which they are set to host at Backyard@Lynor’s on Saturday where they will perform the track for the first time.

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