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Family lucky to be alive


’Mantoetse Maama

’Matsibisang Chapi and her two grandchildren are lucky to be alive after a vehicle veered off the road and crashed into their Thetsane Lekhalong home yesterday morning.

Ms Chapi said the accident happened at around 4am, and was the second such crash within three months.

“I thought I was dreaming when I heard this loud bang,” Ms Chapi told the Sunday Express. “I then heard people screaming outside, and when I went out, I saw the car halfway into the other room of my rented house. The driver was seriously injured, while his passenger looked better. They were both rushed to hospital and the driver was screaming in pain.”

Ms Chapi added a similar accident took place in December last year.

“The woman who crashed her car into this house in December last year was still fixing it. And before she could finish the renovation, another crash happens. I am worried that next time, we might not be that lucky.”

Ms Chapi said while the accidents had become cause for concern, she could not move to another home due to lack of funds.

“The rent here is very affordable and the landlord very understanding. I don’t have a permanent job and when I can’t pay the rent, the landlord is not that demanding; she allows me to pay it later. I would like to urge the relevant authorities to put rails between the road and this home as a form of protection should there be another such accident.”

Asked if she had informed the police about the accident, Ms Chapi said: “We reported the matter to the area chief, who gave us a letter to take to the police.

“We tried to call the police about the accident but there was no response.”

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