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‘Everyone has political leanings’

by Sunday Express
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MASERU — The newly appointed Secretary General Thabiso Mokobori of the Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) last week allayed fears that his appointment would tarnish the ecumenical organisation’s reputation.

Mokobori, who was recently working at the office of the Deputy leader of the opposition Democratic Congress (DC) Monyane Moleleki, said Basotho are entitled to have their different opinions but wondered who could have the feeling that his appointment would taint the image of an organisation he had served from 1996.

This came after some members of the Christian community who spoke to Sunday Express’s sister newspaper Lesotho Times this week protested against Mokobori’s appointment saying he is too politically aligned to the DC.

“I’m actually now going to be serving in a lesser position as I was once in the Executive of the CCL and acted as the Vice Chairperson but nobody ever complained about my political affiliation,” he said.

Mokobori said what is worrying about the Christians who are said to be complaining about his appointment is that they had not followed proper organisational channels to contest his appointment and to clearly come out to protest against his appointment.

He however dismissed views that people serving in the CCL should not have any political inclinations citing the Lesotho Constitution of 1993 which accords every Mosotho their rights.

Mokobori asked whether those having grievances against his appointment are saying he does not have freedom of choice anymore when they claim his political affiliation jeopardises the CCL’s reputation.

“More than two general elections passed and I was still in the CCL and nobody ever complained about my services and conduct. And today I’m failing to understand the thinking of those people opposed to my appointment.

“Are they saying I should have just stayed in the LCD or what exactly and not join the DC after losing the primaries?”, asked Mokobori.

He asked whether by having worked in the office of the leader of the opposition he is now not entitled to seek a job elsewhere.

“Are we saying those people working in the leader of the opposition’s office cannot seek jobs anywhere else from now onwards and those working in offices of ministers cannot get jobs anywhere after serving the ministers?”, Mokobori posed another question.

He insisted he landed the post fairly as any Mosotho could have as he had applied when the post was advertised by the CCL.

Talking about the role of the CCL in mediations in political conflicts, Mokobori said he was among the CCL executive members who called for the mediation by the CCL.

“Would I have called for the mediation then as I was affiliated to the LCD if I was someone who lets his political affiliations take precedence over his job?

“Who said people who were involved in the mediations did not have their own political affiliations and were we supposed to deny them participation in the mediation as a result of their affiliations?,” Mokobori asked.

He implored his detractors to watch his conduct closely and monitor his performance but insist Basotho should learn to have personal restraint when dealing with national issues.

He however said he would not be discouraged from doing the right thing or ruling in favour of DC any of the coalition government parties if it is the right thing.

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