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Energy consumption survey conducted

SubstationTsitsi Matope

MASERU — The Bureau of Statistics last week conducted an energy consumption survey to help stakeholders understand the energy needs in various sectors and ensure better planning.

The survey, which started on Monday and ended last Friday, targeted government departments and big companies in the industrial areas of Thetsane, the Maseru station locality and Maputsoe.

In an interview with the Sunday Express the Bureau’s Chief Statistician in the Environment and Energy unit, Tšepiso Thabane, said 15 trained enumerators undertook the survey.

She explained that a second phase of the survey, which would target schools, hospitals, clinics and other sectors to be determined, was expected next year.

“Currently we have split the surveys into two phases due to limited resources.

“Resources permitting, we would have liked to cover all sectors, countrywide,” Thabane said.

She further explained the survey was inspired by a previous “state of the environment survey”.

“However, we were concerned that after the launch of the environment report, there were many unanswered questions. In some instances, we had relied on secondary data on the energy section.

“We then realised the need for an energy balance report to help us determine levels of energy consumption and come up with comprehensive data,” she said.

Thabane explained the just-ended survey looked at how much energy sources are imported — mainly in terms of petrol, diesel, electricity, paraffin, gas and coal.

“Through this survey, we shall be able to establish what energy sources are most and least used, and why and also the levels of usage by each company and government department.”

She said the outcomes would also help provide direction to energy development initiatives that could be pursued by both the government and private sector.

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