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Emotional health: Finding balance


By Mojabeng Dorcas Senekal

IN striving for emotional health, I advised you on six steps of how to improve or maintain good emotional health, the first one being “finding balance; to strive to find balance between all the aspects of your life; work, home, and relationships.”

Basically, having a healthy professional-personal balance. So how do we achieve this? One of the most important first approaches is to adopt a panoramic view of your profession. Learn to look at the big picture of what you do instead of getting bogged down in the daily grind. For example, every manager experiences discipline problems. Do not just react, rather looking at the bigger picture will allow you to adopt a problem-oriented approach.

You will be able to understand that the problems you experience now probably will not matter next week or in a month. Learn to place great value on your personal time, of course we all need to actively participate in our working communities but we also need to learn to tactfully refuse professional tasks that require us to spend more time than we are willing to give. Whenever you sacrifice your personal time, you are just sacrificing yourself, even the effort you put into your professional task is a bit less than what you would put in if it were its rightful time.

It is also very important for you to set clear boundaries for yourself. Instead of worrying about something that went wrong during the day, make a plan for dealing with it before you leave the workplace so that you can go home unencumbered with worry. Now, when you get home, do only what is beneficial to your personal life; exercise (2 sets of 10 reps of mountain climbs and jump squats or just a 10 minute jog) just to keep the muscles stretched and blood flowing normally.

Use any other form of exercise as a release from work. Make sure to enjoy everything that you do, if you feel like dancing while you cook then do it. Take active control of your finances, most of our balance in life generally comes from financial stability. Learn to be financially competent, to know when to spend, how to spend and what to spend on. Become your own manager; remember you aren’t actually working if you do not have savings, so make sure you are working if you get what I mean. There is no doubt that finding a balance can be hard, but it is possible. With some important boundaries, you can achieve a healthy professional- personal living.

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