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Educational programme for entrepreneurs launched

Limpho Sello

MASERU — Basotho entrepreneurs are set to benefit from a national capacity building educational project “Ichorise Mohoebi” launched by the Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO).

“Ichorise Mohoebi” was launched at BEDCO’s new office in Maseru West at an event attended by Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, Maliehe Maliehe this week.

Introducing the new project, BEDCO’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Likhang said modules would be delivered in four parts.

The first, the Consultant Capacity Module will be provided to accountants and business consultants to be in a position to offer training in the project.

There is the Start Your Business module, the Operating Your Business module, as well as a module that will assist small businesses to grow big, which is called the Grow Your Business module.

Likhang said the country is faced with several challenges one of which is unemployment which the government had tried to address by bringing textile industries in the country though now there are only empty buildings where some of these industries used to flourish.

He explained that they saw it fit to establish such a project because some people start up businesses without skills to run the business and to save.

Customer care as well as the proper buying and selling of their goods or services is also another common serious challenge according to Likhang.

“Some you may find that they are retrenched mine workers who lack skills on how to run a business once it’s started,” Likhang said.

“Another problem is the lack of information, which is a nationwide problem,” he said.We saw these problems and that was when we decided to seek assistance from government”.

Likhang added that he was thankful to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for their contribution as they heeded their plea, approved the proposal and that is how the project emerged.

To kick-start the project, BEDCO put aside over M5 million to carry out the project in all the corners of Lesotho which will benefit for free.

The same project is expected to continue for years with the support from the government of Lesotho and as it continues, financial support will increase over time to intensify it.

Trade and Industry Deputy Principal Secretary, Hlompho Mpeta, confirmed that most people go into business as their last resort without acquiring any relevant skills while businesses need passion and nurturing.

Mpeta said for those who already have businesses make the mistake of financing their personal wants such as luxury cars instead of investing funds into growth of the businesses.




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