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Econet unveils car tracking service



econetTELECOMMUNICATIONS giant Econet Telecom Lesotho (ETL) has added another feather to its cap with ConnectedCar — a security technology service for tracking vehicles belonging to individuals and businesses.

ConnectedCar security service is the latest ETL service meant to make customer’s lives easier, by giving them peace of mind in the knowledge that their vehicles are tracked by a reliable service provider. This service allows individuals to track their vehicle and corporates, organisations and taxi owners to effectively manage and better optimise their fleet to help them reduce their fleet costs significantly.

According to ConnectedCar Key Account Manager, Tiisetso Ramothamo, the system is used to monitor as many vehicles as possible and can be modeled to suit customers’ requirements.

Mr Ramothamo said the service reports in real time and sends SMSes and emails to the customers.

“If the customer is not logged on to the system, reports are saved for future retrieval,” he said.

One of ETL’s ConnectedCar customers, Mokone ‘Musi, expressed his gratitude to the telecommunications giant for introducing a service that allowed taxi business owners to track their vehicles and ensure they stay on their designated routes.

Mr ‘Musi said he no longer worried when his taxi is delayed because he just checks his phone to see where it is, thanks to the ConnectedCar tracker.

“If I had installed ETL’s ConnectedCar tracker on both my taxis, the other one would not have gone off route and been involved in an accident which rendered it a write-off,” said Mr ‘Musi.

Some of the immediate benefits of the service include better fuel management by ensuring that vehicles stay on prescribed routes; better staff management through notifications when a vehicle enters or exits specified virtual boundaries — popularly referred to as geo fences — and the ability to view and rectify bad driving behaviour.

Fleet managers are also able to see if their drivers are delivering goods to the right place, driving in accordance with set regulations, not speeding, and not abusing company vehicles with abrupt braking or acceleration. Violations notifications are sent via SMS or email.

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