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Econet hailed for closing digital divide


Econet CEO Leon de Fleuriot and Leribe DA cut the ribbon to open the shop
Econet CEO Leon de Fleuriot and Leribe DA cut the ribbon to open the shop

Bereng Mpaki

ECONET Telecom Lesotho (ETL) has been commended for playing an important role in ensuring that Basotho were not left behind in digital communication.

Leribe District Administrator Mokhabelane Morahanye hailed the mobile service operator during this week’s official opening ceremony of ETL’s new shop in the district.

The shop was opened as part of ETL’s ongoing quest to ensure clients had ease of access to its services and products countrywide.

A wide range of ETL products including cellphones and accessories, airtime and internet café services will be available at the shop.

“We are delighted to see Econet services coming to our doorstep. I want to assure that you have come to the right place,” Mr Morahanye said, adding, “This is our town centre which is the hub of Leribe economy”.

“This shows that Econet has a clear mission and vision to expand and ensure that Basotho communicate and get their services closer.

“Networking is an essential part of our lives and information is power. Econet continues to make our lives easy, it helps us to connect and network in the global village.

“There is what is called digital divide, where others are left behind in technological advancement but Econet has almost closed that gap,” Mr Morahanye said.

He implored the Leribe community to utilise the services of the shop while also ensuring that they protected it.

For his part, ETL Chief Executive Leon de Fleuriot said the new shop symbolised their commitment to offering quality service to the people of Leribe.

The Hlotse town previously had a franchised shop from 2014 but ETL had decided to fully operate the shop to improve service delivery.

The company introduced franchising for its shops in 2014, and as a result, all ETL shops throughout the country are franchised except the new Leribe shop and four shops in Maseru city.

“Our shop which was in the bus-stop area has been repositioned here and this is where we will be serving our customers going forward.

“We open this new shop to offer better quality of service, to make it more accessible and to avail our products and services,” Mr De Fleuriot said.

He said they would continue to offer the best service and variety of products including fixed line services, mobile services, data services, solar solutions, EcoSure and EcoCash.

“We have developed and deployed staff in all regions; we have technical support staff and sales staff in all regions in order to deliver better service,” he added.


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