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Echoes to host open-mic session


Mohalenyane Phakela

ENTERTAINMENT outfit, Echoes – from the Mountain Kingdom, will today host an open-mic session entitled “The Rebirth of Cool” at Café 72 which situated at MGC Park in Maseru. The show will start off at 12pm.

Echoes – from the Mountain Kingdom, or simply Echoes, is a project piloted in 2005 with the objective to foster the development of the arts sector in Lesotho by employing marketing communication techniques and tools. The initiative seeks to create a platform for local artists to exhibit their work, attract public attention, sell their wares and interact amongst themselves.

Echoes is also meant to unearth raw talent and refine it, provide training and networking opportunities for artistes and also educate the consumers about art and its importance. Echoes also mobilises artistes to unite behind a common position regarding their welfare.

According to its director, Solly Mofoka, Echoes is a platform for local artists, regardless of their craft, for them to get the exposure they need to market themselves internationally.

“As this project is still in its infancy, we are trying to create public awareness and attract the followership of different stakeholders from artistes themselves, the sponsors and the community at large,” said Mofoka.

“Echoes has been very well received and continues to attract significant attention and enquiries from both the artistes and the public at large.”

The arts industry, said Mofoka, is broad and has become very profitable in other countries. As an art platform equipped with marketing and communication techniques, Echoes’ goal is to help local artistes to make a living from their craft.

“Echoes’ mandate is to inspire and emancipate both the extraction and development of Lesotho’s art industry and its artistes, young and old, seasoned and new, rejecting no one but only seeking to encourage others,” he said.

“It will benefit society in terms of education and messaging that can creatively inspire new artistes, boost self-esteem and build patriotism whilst also encouraging social behavioral change.”


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