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Early Christmas for Lithabaneng elderly


‘Mantoetse Maama

Lithabaneng-bred entrepreneurs yesterday presented Christmas hampers, lianamarena blankets and trophies to 42 elderly women from the village as a way of appreciating the “important roles” they played in the businessmen’s upbringing.

The benefactors, from Eddy Poone Foundation, Lesotho Funeral Services, Tholo Energy, Smiley Car Wash, LSMD, Naleli Service Station, Healthy Lifestyle Clinic and Diabetic Centre, said the gesture was their way of recognising the women who raised them.

Lithabaneng residents were also welcoming Chief Tefelo Lebipi Mothobi Keiso’s wife, ‘Makhalalelo Mothobi, who was also given some presents, during yesterday’s ceremony. The Minister of Social Development, ‘Matebatso Doti, who is also from Lithabaneng, was also given presents during the ceremony.

In her speech, a member of the family, Ms Maseele Mothobi told Chieftainess Mothobi that she should understand that her title comes with a huge responsibility of serving the community with dignity, especially the elderly who need patience.

“We promise to support you in your duty but you should also learn to treat these elderly people you are supposed to serve, with love and respect,” Ms Mothobi said.

Chieftainess Mothobi thanked the villagers for the welcoming ceremony and promised to serve them with care at all times.

On behalf of the donors, the manager of Eddy Poone Foundation, Tlokotsi Rankone, said his  organisation has grown through the support it gets from Lithabaneng villagers.

“We would like to thank you because Eddy Poone Foundation has grown because of the support we have received from you over the years.

“We started with a small project in which we were cleaning graveyards and we will do it again and as usual, there will be an incentive for those who will help,” Mr Rankone said.

On his part, Mr Poone said his company wanted to bring joy to the elderly people who played such an important role in their lives.

“We realised that Lesotho is faced with extreme poverty but then we could not afford to help the whole country. And they also say charity begins at home, so we decided to give these presents to women who played such an important role in our lives, when we were growing up. We have given them these gifts so that they will enjoy Christmas with all of us,” Mr Poone said.

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