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Don’t blame Tsekoa, the truth hurts

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RE: ANC lashes at Tsekoa Sunday Express January 8 – 14 2012

There is nobody who can “ululate” apartheid.

The truth is that there are a lot of delays at the border to South Africa after the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The question is why?


Questions for the minister: Is it true that foreigners are getting Lesotho passports easily so that they can use them to get into South Africa?

Is it not just enough for SA intelligence to advise its government to take measures to vet everybody entering their country?


I wish the South African government could tighten its borders more and more.


It is not about the ANC or Minister Mohlabi Tsekoa.

It is about the frustration that Basotho nationals experience at the borders, particularly at Maputsoe and Maseru.

The foreign nationals that are in South Africa are there because of the weak systems in South Africa and not because of Lesotho.

One cannot come to Lesotho without having to go through South Africa.

South Africa has a database of all the people who come to Lesotho through their borders.

If not, then they are not doing their job properly and they therefore compromise both the relations and security of Lesotho and South Africa.

It takes both countries to sit down and solve the problem.

SA has become extremely insensitive to the free movement of Basotho.

Play the ball and not the man — Tsekoa is very brave, I dare say.

South Africa should rethink their attitude towards Lesotho and Basotho.


Keep it up Tsekoa, Basotho first.

If ANC’s Jackson Mthembu could experience what we go through everyday, he would not even try to defend these inhuman acts by his government.


If all ministers including the Prime Minister could air their views to their counterparts without fear like Minister Tsekoa did, then the welfare of Basotho would improve dramatically.


I can never imagine any black person claiming apartheid treated them better unless they directly benefited from the apartheid regime.


Tsekoa never said apartheid was better, you are misquoting him.

He is comparing the treatment of Basotho now to the time of deplorable apartheid period.

The question is: Is it better now in the Zuma era?

That is the issue that needs to be looked into and addressed earnestly.


I think Mthembu is missing the point here.

Minister Tsekoa is not embracing white rule or anything like that, but he is saying that the treatment that we get as Basotho is worse than it was during the time of apartheid and that is true.

As for Happy Mahlangu, South Africa’s ambassador to Lesotho, I think the less said about him the better.

Moeletsira Basotho

ThESE border restrictions imposed on Lesotho citizens is unreasonable.

So the ANC must stop the xenophobic behaviour.

Xenophobia won’t help at all because we are both human beings and neighbours, so we need each other.

We must learn to live together.


I think it is well within the rights of the Lesotho government in the interests of its citizens to criticise the way South Africa treats Basotho at the border.

Some people can be so myopic to the extent that they are happy as long as Minister Tsekoa and others are also suffering and being forced to show their passports. How does it benefit you that he has to show his passport?

I think the minister has shown courage that we lack to “call a spade, a spade”.

Even Desmond Tutu himself, a born and bred South African and celebrated anti-apartheid activist said “ANC is worse than apartheid”.


What Minister Tsekoa is doing is to draw parallels between what used to happen and the current scenario in
the era of the ANC leadership in South Africa!

As a government minister, he is not expressing his personal opinion but the concerns of most Basotho!


Having followed Minister Tsekoa since the days he was ambassador I would be surprised and saddened if he did utter such words.

He has been consistently diplomatic on issues even at the most difficult of times.

Having followed Lesotho Times and Sunday Express I have recently had a feeling they seem to be following a certain harsh stance when it comes to certain officials within government and again I am saddened to see them pushing political agendas.

I would urge Lesotho Times and Sunday Express to publish the full
transcript of the said press conference to clear the confusion it is now

This is a delicate matter between two sovereign states and needs to be handled in an equally delicate manner.


Minister Tsekoa and his LCD government must address the issues surrounding the security of the Lesotho passport instead of rushing to blame South Africa’s tighter border controls.


Minister Tsekoa is right! Basotho are sick and tired of the pompous ANC-led government.

And we are waiting for the day the Democratic Alliance will take over the reins of power in that country.


The ANC government is worse than the apartheid-run government even to black South Africans.


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