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DJs Battle gig promises fireworks

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Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — It’s new, sounds exciting and is likely to be one gig music lovers cannot afford to miss.
Victoria Hotel in the capital is expected to be on fire on Friday when four local jockeys face off at the DJs Battle gig.
The DJs scheduled to perform at the show are Thaby, Tseko (pictured), Thuso and Hally.
DJ Tseko said they were planning to set off the festive season in style by introducing new house music hits such as DJ Cleo’s Good Music.
“As DJs we receive new releases before the public,” Tseko told Xpress People on Thursday.
“So people must come and listen to new festive season house music of popular artists like DJ Cleo.”
He said DJs Battle did not necessarily mean that they were going to compete against each other.
“It’s not a fight or competition,” Tseko said. “There will be no judges.”
“We are simply going to share the stage while introducing new house songs to our supporters,” he added.
“We are just going to entertain our supporters.”
Tseko said they planned to make DJs Battle an annual event that would feature more DJs.
“It’s a new thing but we are going to work hard to make sure that more DJs are invited in future.”
“Our dream is to turn it into an annual event,” he said.Tseko

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