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DJ Saucy to rock Reunion Islands

Mohalenyane Phakela

LOCAL disc spinner, Phofu “DJ Saucy” Motholo, will fly the national flag high in Reunion Island, France with performances lined up for two weekends in June.
Motholo has been billed to mesmerise House music fans in the Indian Ocean island in the socond and third weekends of June with his outstanding song-blending skills. It will not be his first time playing there but he believes he still needs to give it his best like someone who has never been there before.

“I am a French teacher by profession at one of the local schools and so I will be going for a course in France which is bound to take the whole month of June,” DJ Saucy told Xpress People in an interview on Friday.
“Soon after learning that I would spend the whole month in Reunion Islands, I saw an opportunity as a DJ and contacted my friends over there informing them about my visit. We came up with the idea to organise a few shows in which I can play during my stay.
“Although I have played there before in 2011, I am so looking forward to the events and I believe I have so much to prepare as I think a lot has changed since my last visit,” he said.

DJ Saucy said as an artist, there is always a room for improvement no matter how good one may be and there is always something new to learn especially when playing in other countries.
“I have played in countries like South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. I have learned that the African audience is way too different from that of overseas,” DJ Saucy said.
“Africans understand the type of music I play as a deejay and enjoy the song-blending more while revellers in France are entertained by the use of sound effects during the set rather than just mixing songs.
“I am going to spend the time I have before playing to study the type of music the people enjoy nowadays. I will learn from other deejays there how they play and what tickles the crowd’s music fancy.
“Visiting other countries helps us grow as artists,” he added. “You get exposed to different playing styles and sounds. As much as House music is a universal sound, the way we play it is different because we tap into different sub-genres such as electro and deep house which distinguishes us from each other and the type of market we serve.”

DJ Saucy also said the France trip has caused him to postpone his performances with South Africa’s DJ Miza on June 13 at Lehakoe Club.
The event will now take place sometime in July when he has returned from the Reunion Islands.
The delay, he said, is a blessing in disguise as he will come back equipped with new skills from his trip.

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