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DJ Oskido on mission to unearth talent in Lesotho

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — South Africa’s DJ Oskido says he is on a mission to unearth fresh talent from Lesotho. DJ Oskido, who was recently named as an icon for the Vodacom Superstar Music and Dance Step-up competition, will see himself working closely with upcoming Basotho artistes.

He told XpressPeople on Friday that while his role will be to encourage and guide upcoming artistes, he will also be on a personal mission in search of raw talent. “I am a record label owner and I am popularly known to unearth talent so I am here not only to be an icon but to look for the Lesotho’s uncut talent,” he said. Oskido, born Oscar Mdlongwa, said he sees his role as that of giving insight to upcoming artistes on the workings of the music industry.

“My job is basically to school the finalists, encourage them and share information on the music industry. “Even if they don’t win, the mere fact that they made it to the finals would prove their potential that they can make it in the industry,” he said.
He added: “I will personally be dealing with all the categories because I am versatile. “I travel a lot across Africa searching for talent so I am not limited to only D-Jaying.”

Oskido said it was critical for upcoming artistes tos be well grounded if they are to make it in the industry. “Talent alone cannot make one a star if they are not humble,” he said. “Finalists should be passionate about what they are doing and must be humble and respectful (of others) to make it in the industry.” Oskido applauded Vodacom Lesotho for coming up with the initiative saying it is through competitions like these that Lesotho’s music industry can grow.

He said he sees a huge potential for growth within Lesotho’s music sector. “Vodacom however needs local organisations to lend a hand and local radio stations to provide a platform,” he said. He added that “music is not just about talent but it is a business”. Zakes Bantwini, who is also a Vodacom Lesotho music icon, said it is through initiatives like this one that Lesotho’s arts sector can grow and become self-sufficient.

“Business is not only about the bottom line. Investing in arts plays a vital role in any country’s economy because through arts we have managed to help create employment,” he said. “It would be a pleasure one day to see Basotho artistes performing on South African stages; we are one country after all, the only difference is the passport.” DJ Zihle, who is also an icon, said the only way they can measure their success is by the number of people they can help improve their careers.
The Vodacom Superstar Music and Dance Step-up competition which began in 2011 is funded by Vodacom Lesotho to the tune of M1 million.

M400 000 has been set aside for the music category while another M400 000 has been set aside for the dance category.
M160 000 has been set aside for the DJ category with M40 000 being for the TV presenter search competition.
Registration for the competition began last month. The competition includes 12 categories of famo, gospel, hip-hop, kwaito, R’n’b, mokhibo, freestyle, pantsula, ndlamo, mohobelo, the female DJ and male DJ.

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