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DJ faces contempt of court charge

Sello Morake

MASERU — Ultimate FM DJ Joshua Mosia, popularly known as Josh, is facing a contempt of court charge after he failed to fix a car damaged by an instructor at his driving school.
The 28-year-old Mosia, who runs Bokaota Driving School, appeared in the Maseru Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.
The court on August 29 ordered Mosia to repair Namoli Mooka’s car which was hit at a junction in Khubetsoana by a car belonging to the driving school on June 24.
The driving instructor whose name was given as Josepha Ts’ohloane was driving the car.
Ts’ohloane was charged with negligent driving.
Initially, soon after the accident, Mosia had agreed with Mooka to take the car for repairs without taking the issue to court.
Mooka wanted his car repaired within two weeks.
However, Mosia failed to deliver and the issue was taken to court.
The court ordered Mosia to fully repair the car by September 21.
Mosia and Mooka were to collaborate during the repairs, the court ordered.
It emerged in court that the two had however had a misunderstanding over where to repair the car.
When September 21 passed before the repairs had been done, a contempt of court charge against Mosia arose. 
The crown counsel, Senekal Qobolo, on Thursday pushed for the jailing of Mosia.
“You haven’t told the court that from June until now there was any hindrance on your part to repair the vehicle,” Qobolo said during cross-examination.
“You decided not to tell the court why you were not able to fix the vehicle even though you had the opportunity to do so.”
He accused Mosia of being a liar and of not taking the court seriously.
Mosia’s lawyer Letuka Molati protested in court against Qobolo’s accusations which he said intimidated his client.
Mosia looked a bit nervous, not like the DJ who is full of life while on radio, and struggled several times to make himself clear.
Magistrate Masupha Kao remanded Mosia out of custody and postponed the case to tomorrow.

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