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Dirt Mouth meets Botswana’s Warzone True Kings

Mamohlakola Letuka

LOCAL artistes, T.U.R.K, Anonymous and Verbal Kingpin will represent the country in the Botswana vs Lesotho rap battle penned in for June.

The three artistes were chosen on the merit of their previous battles where T.U.R.K battled the Warzone True Kings’ champion Osama Bin Champlin and Verbal Kingpin went up against Jesuis Promentheus while Anonymous battled it out with Michael Horror.

The three local acts are all products of Versus Lesotho’s monthly Dirt Mouth held at Cuban Linx, in Maseru.

Only T.U.R.K and Osama Bin Champlin will be battling for cash when the rest of the acts will be all for bragging rights.

Although the two have not yet decided on the prize money, but the last cash on stake was P10 000.

T.U.R.K real name, Bataung Moeketsi, said he decided to put up money so that he is guaranteed to battle for more than fame.

“I put money on all my battles because I want to battle for what I believe is my worth without putting too much pressure on organiser, because I understand they are only a start-up,” T.U.R.K said.

He said that he is not worried about the battle at all.

“I watched a few of his (Osama Bin Champlin’s) battles. He is good but I’m not moved.”

He said the week prior to his trip to Botswana, he would also contest in the Dirt Mouth battle at Cuban Linx.

The emcee was among the eight artistes chosen to participate in the 10k challenge that ran from last Friday and ends today in Newtown, in South Africa.

He said he would start preparations for the dirt Mouth and the Botswana gig soon after his return to the country this week.

The partnership between Warzone True Kings and Dirt Mouth was initiated by Botswana after the local artistes shared their clips on social media.

The Versus Lesotho run Dirt Mouth in attempt to commercialise battle bringing a new dimension to the local showbiz scene.

The battle platform has seen rappers taking home different monetary prizes.

However, this has not been without glitches as some artistes have failed to show up while others come ill-prepared.

This has left fans fuming while others have lost interest especially after the last episodes where Hymphatic Thabs MIA was scheduled to battle with Skebza D while Kenny and Robocop put up a dismal show.



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