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Desperate job seekers conned

…Hundreds fall victim to bogus agents who promised them jobs

’Marafaele Mohloboli

HUNDREDS of unemployed and desperate Basotho continue to fall victim to confidence tricksters who continue to con them of hundreds of thousands of maloti on the back of promises of securing jobs, the police have said.

Police spokesperson, Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli, told the Sunday Express that they recently arrested a 33 year-old man from of Ha ’Mathata in Maputsoe for allegedly defrauding scores of people of various amounts ranging from M1000 to M5000.

The suspect conned the victims into parting with their money on the pretext that that he was an agent for Letšeng Diamonds and he would assist them to lease their cars to the mine or secure employment there.

Supt Mopeli said the arrested the suspect on Friday after some of his victims had filed complaints against him.

“The suspect made his victims pay M5000 to be able to lease their cars to the mine and those who wanted jobs were made to part with amounts ranging from M1000 to M1500,” Supt Mopeli said.

Supt Mopeli said they also arrested 38 year-old woman from Lithabaneng in Maseru who allegedly conned at least 20 unemployed youths of amounts ranging from m500 to M1500 on the pretext of securing jobs in the police service.

Supt Mopeli said although 20 people had reported being conned by the suspect, ’Mathapelo Lepheane, there could be more victims who are yet to report.

“She (Lepheane) allegedly told her victims that she is not only an influential member of the police force but also an agent who recruits on behalf of the police,” Supt Mopeli said, adding the suspect remained in custody as investigations continue.

“Lepheane also told those who paid her that they would be called for training at the right time.”

Both fraudsters will appear in court on Monday.

This is not the first time that people have been defrauded by individuals who take advantage of the high unemployment rate and the desperation of job seekers especially graduates.

Sup. Mopeli said last year there were some impostors who claimed to be recruiting for Liqhobong Mine and Matekane Group of Companies (MGC).

Sup. Mopeli appealed to the public not to part with their hard earned money especially when there were no advertisements in that regard.

Supt Mopeli further said that the police had the right channels through which they advertised and recruited people.

“While the unemployment rate is very high, we advise the public against impostors who will take their money on the promise of securing them jobs. These impostors will only further impoverish them,” Supt Mopeli said.

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