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Designers to sell wares in Joburg

Nthatuoa Koeshe

FASHION designer Felleng Hessini, who owns the fashion brand, Tailored by Hessini, is working to establish a platform for Basotho designers to sell their merchandise in Johannesburg.

The platform, which will be called Tsa Haeso Market Stall, will be hired by Tailored by Hessini.

The Tsa Haeso initiative is being spearheaded by Hessini and Malord Mefane

Hessini told the Xpress People in a recent interview that they conducted a survey last year to look at different market stalls in Johannesburg and found that some stalls are available weekly while some are available monthly.

“Because I am a Mosotho, I decided to bring this idea to Basotho designers and try and take their merchandise and facilitate a platform where they can access new and different clientele in Johannesburg,” Hessini said.

She said they have identified tailored outfits as one of the goods that can be sold in Johannesburg to create a broad market space for their products.

“This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who do not have their own shops to get easy access to clients.

“We are aware that there is a significant increase in general income for entrepreneurs who sell their merchandise at stalls as opposed to those who sell on social media.

She said among the designers who are currently in their database are Makelello Mngadi (Ichiban Designs), Lineo Masupha (Wild Laelia) and Maphoka Ramohanoe (Mercy’s Jewelry) who will all take part in the initiative next month.

“For each item sold, the designer will retain 70 percent while the other 30 percent will go towards the costs incurred to go to Johannesburg.”

Hessini said the approach may also entail having models wearing some of the designs to showcase so that potential customers can see.

She further told the paper that they are currently in talks with the Ministry of Small Business Development to receive its endorsement and assistance in the venture.

She said following a meeting held between Tailored by Hessini and the Principal Secretary in the ministry on Thursday, she is confident that the support will go a long way in enhancing concept.

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