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Deal with people behind nefarious plot

ELECTION observers who have been in Lesotho for the past few weeks have said they have no qualms with the way last Saturday’s election was conducted.
They have described the election as peaceful, free and fair.
As a newspaper we can also attest to that.
What we saw over the past four weeks was democracy at work.
In terms of logistics, planning and operations this was probably, by far, the best election we have had in this country.
We must never take the compliments from the foreign observers lightly.
Elsewhere in Africa an election period is characterised by violence, intimidation and rigging. People are beaten and killed for their political choices.
If those callous tactics fail to deliver a favourable result the incumbent will resort to stuffing ballot boxes to ensure they win.
Some simply ignore the election result if it doesn’t go their way.
In all those cases the end result for their countries has been disastrous.
The principles of democracy have been jettisoned through the window and people’s basic rights trampled upon, all in the name of power.
Basotho must be grateful that this country has avoided that treacherous route.
Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili has resigned to make way for the formation of a new government.
His Democratic Congress (DC) party has already said it is prepared to concede defeat if it fails to get the 13 additional seats it needs to form a government.
At the time of going to press the party was still struggling to persuade some smaller parties to help it form a coalition government.
Whether that will happen or not is another matter.
What is important is that the DC realises that it cannot form a government without a majority in parliament.
Equally important is the fact that Mosisili has amicably stepped down and his party has said it will accept defeat if it doesn’t get the required majority.
That is the spirit of democracy.
However, we must clearly state that we are worried by statements coming from some quarters.
The leaders of the All Basotho Convention (ABC), Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) and Basotho National Party (BNP) this week alleged that there was a plot to assassination them.
They said they have been marked for death because they have formed a coalition that is likely to be the next government.
The idea, they said, is to block the coalition from forming a government in the event that the DC fails to get the majority.
It would have been easy to dismiss these allegations as mere political propaganda had the police not confirmed that it is aware of the plot.
Indeed we are worried and scared.
The police must move fast to deal with the people behind this evil plot before they do something stupid.
This is an attempt to derail a legitimate process enshrined in our constitution.
It is an attempt to block the people’s will and bring chaos to this country.
An assassination of any political leader will torch anger and shove this country into violence.
Even the perpetrators of such a heinous crime will not survive the violent backlash that will come from the people.
Basotho made their decision on May 26 when they cast their votes and no one, absolutely no one, must be allowed to interfere with the legitimate process triggered by the election result.
Basotho have no intention of returning to the dark days of 1998. They know better.
We appeal to those behind this nefarious plot to put national interest ahead of their political ambitions.
It is the right thing to do.
Enough blood has been shed in the name of politics in this country.
Never again should Basotho turn against each other because of politics.

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