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Dancehall Nights continue to draw crowds

dancehallMohalenyane Phakela

Dancehall Nights held at Meloding every Thursday evening have gone beyond regular reggae sessions to a movement.
According to Selektah Che of Ragga Vybz, the sessions started in 2011 with only a few people turning up.

“I started with Big C hosting these sessions here at Meloding, although the following was not that great at the time. Talis, Mind Steppa King and Guru joined later that year, and we would have sessions at Big C’s place to practice on a regular basis.

“The sessions grew at a very slow pace but since we were doing what we loved, we did not lose heart. It is only now that we are able to pack masses into Meloding every Thursday night,” Selektah Che said.
The sessions, he added, have now become a part of Meloding.

“Now it runs in our system so we just go out there every Thursday to bless the masses with reggae and dancehall vibes.”
Selektah Che explained the beat that has come to characterise their sessions is much more than artistic compositions.
“Reggae is more than just a musical genre but a culture which we are trying to pioneer in this country.
“Although the movement has not reached the heights we would want it to attain, it has grown and continues to do so. We have managed to draw more than just Basotho but other nationalities, including whites. We would like to see more people join in for the movement to continue to grow.”

According to Selektah Che, the fact that Dancehall Nights attract sizeable audiences no-matter the time of the month, is ample proof of their popularity.

“The masses come to Meloding every Thursday night regardless of whether it is mid-month or not. They enjoy and dance the Caribbean style all night long whilst still enjoying their drinks.
“It is our dream to have regular interactions with reggae artists and movements from other countries so as to network and foster unity that will also help local artistes establish links beyond Lesotho’s borders,” said Selektah Che.


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