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Damario in paternity wrangle

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Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — A Khubetsoana woman claims she was still married to Lefate lead singer Tikiso Tikiso under customary law when he left her for another woman.
The woman, Mathapelo Rabatho, accuses Tikiso of abandoning their three-year-old son.
However, Tikiso says the child is not his.
He also claims he was never married to Rabatho.
Tikiso, popularly known as Damario, says he dumped her before they could marry because of her “infidelity”.
Rabatho says she learnt from rumours that her “husband” was now living with another woman in Maseru.
“Damario has sacrificed our marriage over this old woman,” Rabatho says.
“We are legally married and we’ve not divorced.”
Rabatho accuses Tikiso of falling for money that he allegedly gets from his new woman.
“He is definitely falling for money and all the good life this old woman is giving him,” she says.
Rabatho says all she wants is Tikiso to support the child.
“I am not jealous that Damario is living large with this woman but he is digging his own grave,” she says.
“Hell knows I would not mourn if he dies.”
Rabatho says Tikiso refused to go for DNA tests to establish the paternity of the child.
“He is not supporting our son because suddenly he has started denying him,” she says.
“His (Tikiso’s) mother suggested that we go for DNA tests to prove who the real father of this child is but he has since disappeared.”
Rabatho says she made “mistakes” when she was still with Tikiso but would not give details.
“I made my own mistakes and apologised but I have never sacrificed our marriage,” she says.
“Ke sharp ke eena (It’s now over between us).”
Tikiso last year told the weelky Lesotho Times that he was divorcing his wife of one-and-a-half years after he heard “hot rumours that she was seeing someone else”.
He accused Rabatho of infidelity.
But Tikiso made a sensational about-turn barely a fortnight later, saying he had made up with Rabatho.
He said they were “looking forward to be a happy family again”.
But now Tikiso says they were never married.
“We were never married,” Tikiso says.
“We were only preparing for marriage when Mathapelo became promiscuous.”
Tikiso alleges that Rabatho was already pregnant when they moved in together.
“When we moved in together she was already pregnant with another man’s child,” he says.
The Lefate front-man says his family slaughtered a goat for Rabatho when they moved in together, but says that did not constitute part of a traditional marriage.
“It was just a family feast welcoming Mathapelo in the family,” he says.
Tikiso says his mother suggested the young couple go for paternity tests after he claimed he was not responsible for Rabatho’s pregnancy.
“It is true that my mother suggested we go for DNA tests but I never bothered because I know I am not the father,” he says.
“That boy knows who his father is. I am not his father.”
Tikiso says he is now staying with another woman.
“I have another woman in my life that I live with and I am going to marry her,” he says.
“Mathapelo is out of the picture.”
Rabatho is not saying whether she intends to approach the courts or not over the issue.
Tikiso is the lead vocalist of the youthful group Lefate, whose other member is Molibeli Mokake.
The group, which won a national accolade in 2007, has seen its popularity rising over the years.

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